Lack of mattress info...

Hi bludwig,

Thanks for the great feedback :slight_smile:

I think you may have encountered the same person as in posts #1 and 2 here. it’s great to know that both Christine and John are good resources there.

I think too that the mattresses that are made by MagicSleeper themselves may be better quality than some of the others that they also carry but they may not make any gel foam mattresses. My biggest concern with the one you mentioned would be the 1.2 lb density in the second layer because the upper layers are more subject to softening and breakdown than the layers deeper in the mattress although I don’t see any reason that whoever manufactured it couldn’t use at least 1.5 in the bottom layer and preferably (if the price justified it) at least 1.8.

I’m guessing that this may have been one of the Symbol mattresses that they carry and not one of their own. Do you know if this is the case?

I’m glad you were insistent on getting the information you needed and once again it goes to show the importance of knowing every layer in a mattress no matter where you buy it from both as a way to predict the durability of the feel and performance of the mattress and also to make more meaningful comparisons and value assessments. This type of foam … especially with 2" of it so close to the top … should lead to a low priced mattress where the tradeoff in durability was worth the lower price, especially if it is one sided. You did well to get the information you needed before making a purchase.

Thanks again for the very helpful post.


NOTE ADDED: They are now a member of the site and they have also changed their staffing so that only knowledgeable and experienced family members are staffing their showroom.