Lack of response after mattress purchase

Hi all, came across this forum after doing research on mattresses, and decided to go latex.

Anyway, long story short, I made my purchase on 5/28, and waited a few days to a week before calling Flexus to ask about the projected delivery date, since the status seemed to have been stuck in “Processing”. I was told by a representative to give him the order number and purchase date, and that I’d receive a call back the same day about its status… but that hasn’t happened, of course.

I waited a day or two after that and decided to fill out an online support ticket on the website. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a response on that front, either.

I vaguely recall complaints about Flexus’ lack of customer support and extreme delays in shipping, but it’s been about 2 weeks now (multiple days after last contact attempts) and while I was hoping that wasn’t the case, it’s getting hard to think otherwise. In addition, I’ve seen how reaching out on this forum is one of the few ways to capture their attention, so this would be my third attempt.

Hopefully someone can help reach out - either that, or Flexus sees and reaches out themselves. Thanks!

I’m in a similar boat. My mattress came in but the foundation/base did not. Everything was order on the same day. I had ordered on the 30th and have recieved at the very least my coils and topper, I’d assume you should’ve had it by now I got the hybrid.

Hello orlandeau and Padillam5.

I am just popping in to let you both know that I have sent an email to Flexus with regards to your concerns.

Hopefully you will receive a Flexus reply shortly!


Hey Nikki not sure if it was because of you or not but I did get an email back so thank you

I think you must’ve flipped some sort of switch, because suddenly I received an email about my package being shipped - thanks Nikki for helping me and Padillam out!

Hijacking this thread so that hopefully I could get more help -

Long story short, the bed came in, although one shipment was delayed (not a big deal).
However, the talalay topper is off-size (looks like it might be a full, when it should be a queen), and I had called in to Flexus to address this issue.

I was told to send the pictures in and I’d get a response the same day - I think that was like a week ago. I’ve tried a few times to restart the email chain, but no response from Henry or James.

Could someone please contact them so I could get this issue addressed? Currently, the very top layer of the mattress is lacking on all 4 sides, so that can very likely cause problems down the line.
(All that being said though, the mattress itself is very nice and comfortable)

Hi orlandeau,

I am glad you find your new Flexus mattress “nice and comfortable”. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

I stepped in to bridge the gap for a while as I’ve just heard back from Henry that the replacement topper is on its way to you.

His business has been under quite some pressure lately between the latex shortage and being shorthanded. He has to wear quite a few hats seven days a week, hence the delays in forum responses. Things are rapidly improving on his end, and he’ll be back on track with replies on the forum shortly.

I am glad that the shipment delays are “not a big deal” to you as generally, foam suppliers still have difficulties filling their orders on time. The sign of the times is that the demand is high and sometimes the best they can do is to send only half of the foam order and have the other half on backorder.

I hope once you’ve had a chance to sleep on your new mattress for a while you can return and give us an update.

Hi orlandeau,

First of all I would like to apologize for not responding sooner. As phoenix stated between a shortage of latex and being shorthanded it required me to get more involved with production. We made some adjustment under the current Covid related circumstances and we are back on track. I was happy to talk to you this week to understand exactly what the situation was with the top layer of your mattress. I also want to let you know that your new layers shipped out today. Rest assured if there is any issue with an order we will to our best to correct it.

Hi, I’m having the same issue reaching customer service. The website still lists 48 hours shipping, but it’s been over a week and I can’t reach anyone by email, phone, or live chat.

Hello pcg2k,

We would love to help give you status of your order. Please give us a call. If we do not pick up it’s because we are away from the the phone or with a customer in our showroom. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Orlandeau, Just curious what mattress did you go with at Flexis Comfort, that you found comfortable and nice? I was looking at their mattresses too.


I’m having the same issue getting in touch with Flexus to get an update on my order. Placed the order on 9/6. I sent an email over a week ago with no response and tried calling a few times yesterday and left a message.

keep calling and you will get a response eventually. Flexus has two issue right now 1) at the moment most of their latex is imported and the ports are extremely backlogged. Don’t be surprised if you end up waiting a bit longer. 1) Their office is short staffed. Hence the slow response.

I wish I had seen this before I placed an order from Flexus. One of the reasons I ordered was because it said shipping within 48 hours. It’s been two weeks now, no shipping notification and no response to either of my emails. I’m close to calling my credit card company ask asking for a chargeback.

They got back to me a couple of days after leaving a message. Mattress finally arrived about a month after ordering.

Just came across this thread, and unfortunately it looks like I’m another data point in the trend. I ordered from Flexus on 10/19 and it hasn’t shipped yet. I gave them a call this past Monday and was told it was scheduled to ship “tomorrow” and to expect an email with the shipping confirmation then. It’s now Wednesday and nothing.

I totally empathize with anyone involved with getting things from point A to point B right now, but I really wish they were candid about the shipping delays they’re experiencing. I would have happily ordered from them a month ago if I knew they were experiencing delays. Continuing to advertise 48 hour shipping is just dishonest at this point, and because of it I’m going to be sleeping on the floor for a while.

I’m in the same boat. Ordered one layer of king, med Talalay, split, directly from Henry over the phone. He told me it would take 3-4 weeks before it would ship. It’s now been 5 weeks and he hasn’t even responded to an email I sent last week.

Well now I’m really glad I didn’t place my order until speaking to someone to confirm whether or not the 48-hour TAT was too good to be true. Left a voicemail today, and i guess I’ll keep shopping other vendors for now.

Just as a comment. While it did take about 2 months to get my order, I did get my mattress and I’m very happy with it. Wish they were a bit more upfront about the whole process, but at least the product is good and came in good condition. No clue about after sales support, since I didn’t need any.

Hi pcg2k (and all!)

Thanks for the update. We’re so glad to hear you’re enjoying your Flexus mattress.

I am just dropping a note to let everyone know we are also pro-actively reaching out to Flexus to see what may be the hang up in terms of shipping and delayed contact, and to keep Flexus informed as to current consumer pain points faced when purchasing with them.

Hopefully we will be in touch soon.