Latex Bliss Beautiful Sagging again

Hello, About 2 years ago I purchased a King size Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful. The first bed was delivered and it was hard as a rock. The retailer where I purchased the mattress from said they thought nothing was wrong and it wasn’t until PLB stepped in to help me that I was able to get it replaced. The replacement bed felt much more like the mattress I had chosen. I was really impressed with their customer service and greatly relived I didn’t have to sleep on that torture chamber.

I am not sure when the mattress started to sag.I have allot of back issues and nerve damage so I deal with pain on a regular basis. I decided to check the mattress one day when it seemed like I was really sinking and I noticed a large hump had developed in the middle of the bed.

I went through the warranty process and I just received my replacement mattress three weeks ago.For the first week my back felt better then it had in a very long time but I again started to have allot of pain like my spine was bending. My gut told me to check the bed and sure enough there is already a 1 inch sag pretty much across entire bed. I have the mattress on an adjustable foundation which I hardly use and haven’t used on this mattress except in assisting me with changing the sheets

I am not sure what to do now. I have the latex blend mattress …do you think the "All Natural"would make a difference? From what I have read the blend should be more durable. Should I try and see if I can get my money back and go with a company that doesn’t glue the layers together?. The delivery people had to bend the mattress, I wonder if it could have been damaged?Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Sunshinegirl

Hi Sunshinegirl,

You’ve certainly had your share of issues with your PLB mattresses.

Latex International (now Talalay Global) was having a higher than average number of quality control issues a couple of years ago (see here and here) which they seem to have resolved so this may have been the reason for your first defective mattress.

Having said that … your replacement mattress certainly shouldn’t be sagging after only three weeks and it seems you have eliminated the possibility of it being a foundation issue so if you have measured visible impressions that are an inch deep (with a tight string or a straight edge across the mattress surface) then it seems that you have a defective mattress once again and unfortunately you would need to go through the warranty process again.

Just out of curiosity … what is the manufacturing date on the law tag?

The all natural is less durable than the blend … especially in lower ILD’s … but it sounds like your issue is a defect anyway not a result of the blend of latex.

There is more about glued vs unglued layers in post #15 here but it’s really a moot point since you wouldn’t be able to get a refund with a warranty replacement anyway.

Latex is very flexible so bending the mattress during delivery certainly wouldn’t cause an issue.

Unfortunately it seems that you have another defective mattress.


Hi Phoenix, Thank you for your reply and I am sorry for my belated thank you. I have a chronic illness and had a big flare up after I wrote to you. The date of manufacture is 3/19/15. I have to laugh at how many mattresses I have been through in the last 3 years but it does get just exhausting. I haven’t given up on latex yet and hopefully the third time will be the charm. I will keep you posted. Thank You again for this wonderful website, I know it has helped so many people. Warmly, Laura

Hi Sunshinegirl,

I hope you have the chance to let us know how it goes.

Your mattress is newly manufactured so there really shouldn’t be any sagging issues in the mattress this quickly.

Did you actually measure the depth of the visible impressions?