latex mattress availablity near Burlington VT

Hi jaicovt,

Post #4 here should help :slight_smile:

The “quality specs” of mattresses are of course important to know because this will tell you about the quality/durability of the materials in the mattress and the value of the mattress. What I call the “comfort specs” though have to do more with the softness/firmness (ILD) of the layers and because this can be tested with a local purchase … it is often not as easy to get and is not information that determines quality. Of course this can make it more difficult to use a local mattress as a model for an online purchase but this is also part of the reason this information is not as easy to find. In many cases as well … smaller differences in layering and ILD can make a much bigger difference than people may realize and providing ILD information can sometimes lead people to believe that it is easer to “duplicate” another mattress than it really is.

ILD information is available for the PLB mattresses though and some of the other options listed (such as Gold Bond) may also provide this. These may give you a sense of general preferences even if they have different layering than the options that are available for an online purchase and can’t be “duplicated” exactly.

Hope this helps.