Latex Mattress for Kids

I am in the market to get my kids (6 & 3 yrs old) natural latex mattresses, but trying to keep myself in a budget. My husband and I have a latex mattress (Serta I believe) that we purchased 6 years ago from a local back store (I have 2 stress fractures in my lower back), and we love it. Right now my kids are on cheap Ikea foam mattresses (the equivalent to the Moshult 4 and 2 years ago) which I know is not the best for their little growing bodies.

I have narrowed it down to the following:
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5

Are there any in this price range that I am missing? Is one superior to the rest? I like that options 2 & 3 are the cheapest, but they are not 100% latex, correct? Seems SleepEz might be the best, 2 more inches than the Spindle one. I was hoping to stay under $500 each, but that doesn’t look feasible.

TIA for any and all information!

Hi chrstnamarie,

The mattresses you are considering are a combination of “all latex” mattresses and latex/polyfoam hybrid mattresses and they also use different types of latex and quilting materials and they have different firmness choices as well as different options to change the comfort level either by adding a topper, exchanging or rearranging the layers, or flipping the mattress. The choice between them would be based on your personal preferences and the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.

There are no weak links or lower quality materials in any of them and any of them could make a suitable choice. There are also some other lower budget latex and latex hybrid mattresses listed in posts #3 and #4 here that may also be worth considering. Post #2 here also includes links to the better forum posts and topics about children and mattresses that may also be helpful.

I would make your final choice based your preferences of materials, which one you believe would be most suitable for your children, your conversations with each manufacturer, the options you have to change the comfort level of the mattress when your children get older, their body matures and develops, and their needs and preferences change (by adding a topper, flipping the mattress, or changing the layering), your budget, and finally based on “best judgement” and which one you are “leaning towards” most strongly.

There are no “bad” choices in the group.


Thank you very much for all the information, Phoenix!

I’m leaning towards a 100% natural latex mattress, so it seems my choices have been decreased to 3: the 2 from SleepEZ (I just realized I only linked to the Roma), and Spindle. I think I like the SleepEZ 2 sided feature though (for when they are older since they do have a 20 year warranty). I can’t seem to find a difference between the Roma and the 6" Special though. Is the only difference (other than height) that you can choose your levels for each side on the Special, and on the Roma it is already set?

I saw that you recommended the Special in a medium-firm on the other thread for the 4 year old. Was this layer 1 - medium, and layer 2 - firm?

Thanks again!

Hi chrstnamarie,

You can see the specifics of the Roma here. As you can see it’s a finished two sided mattress with a tape edged (non zip) cover.

The 6" special is a component latex mattress which allows you to choose the firmness of each layer (and side to side as well in a queen size or larger) and comes with an unquilted cotton stretchy knit cover which can be unzipped to give you access to the latex layers inside (similar to the Spindle Mattress). Component mattresses allow you to change the firmness level of either of the layers and you can also replace the layers down the road as well without having to replace the whole mattress.

The Spindle mattress is also a component latex mattress which uses a slightly different version of Dunlop latex (continuous pour rather than made in a mold) and has a wool quilted cover.

Yes this would be the layering I would generally suggest for kids because their body is less developed and “curvy” and they don’t tend to need softer layers to keep them in their best alignment but with lighter children a “relatively” soft layer (not extra soft) would also be suitable because with the supportive nature of latex they would be unlikely to have any support/alignment issues. As a general rule (and of course generic guidelines don’t apply to any specific kids) girls tend to prefer slightly softer mattresses than boys. A softer top layer may also be a preference choice for parents that spend more time with their kids on the mattress.


I thought you could only choose one level of comfort on the Spindle, not dual sided? Is that what you mean by component?

Sorry for all the questions!!! So many options to consider :ohmy:

Hi christnamarie,

The Spindle mattress has two 3" layers and has a zip cover so it’s also a “component” mattress where they ship the individual layers in your choice of firmness along with the cover and then you put the layers together inside the cover and zip it up when you receive it.


I see now (helps when you read the description in full!). It does seem like you can only choose one level even though there are 2 layers. Is this right?

Do you prefer the wool cover over the cotton? I thought I saw you say that on another thread.

Thanks again!

Hi chrstnamarie,

When you call them they will go through the firmness options they have available.

All of the mattresses you are considering have cotton covers but the difference is in the quilting materials (or in the case of the SleepEZ 6" special it has a stretch cotton cover with no quilting). There is more in post #12 here and the posts it links to about the pros and cons of different types of quilting vs a stretch cover.

I would encourage you to have a more detailed conversation with both of them so they can provide all the details and options with each of their mattresses since this will be one of the most important parts of your choice.


Thank you for all your help!

Sorry, another question:

How does this one compare to the SleepEZ Special? (Besides being dual sided.)


Hi chrstnamarie,

It uses a single 6" core of blended Talalay latex and has a bamboo viscose cover quilted with wool on both sides (as you mentioned). You would need to check with Arizona Premium to find out the firmness levels they have available.

The SleepEZ uses two 3" layers of 100% natural Dunlop where you can choose the firmness of each layer and has a stretch knit cotton cover that has no quilting. It’s a one sided construction where you can choose progressively firmer layers from bottom to top instead of choosing the firmness of a single layer.

There is more about the different types and blends of latex in post #6 here and there is more about the differences in “feel” between Dunlop and Talalay in post #7 here.

Both of them are members of this site, would make very good quality/value choices, and would be well worth talking to.


I’ve emailed and called SleepEZ - waiting to hear back from them. I’ll try contacting Arizona Premium, and Spindle as well.

These are the ones I have “narrowed” it down to:

SleepEZ Special: 100% Natural Dunlop, Dual sided so you can have 2 levels of comfort for later, BUT only a stretch cotton cover

Arizona Premium Solid Core: Talalay Latex, bamboo quilted cover with wool (they don’t show a picture of the cover though), BUT only one level of comfort

Arizona Premium Eco Sleep: I’m a little confused on the Eco - is the Acella-flex a latex (it just says “green foam”)? Can’t customize level of comfort.

Arizona Premium Naturalux: dunlop core and talalay topper, but only a cotton stretch cover.

Spindle Blue Shoal: 100% Natural Latex (but not sure if it is dunlop or talalay), says two layers of foam as well, picture looks like it is quilted cover (with wool batting)

So, I thought I read on here that Talalay tends to be “softer” than dunlop, so do the IDL levels change? Is one better than the other for kids?

Hi chrstnamarie,

I would strongly encourage you to focus more on calling and talking with any manufacturer or retailer you are considering buying from (which I see you have) rather than only relying on emails for any type of communication or question that requires more than just a single sentence “black and white” answer. You will find that “talking through” the information you will need is much faster, more complete, and more informative than emails. For example you may not even know the most important questions you need to ask, may not have provided enough information for a meaningful answer to a question, or a question may have an “it depends” or more “nuanced” information in the answer (which would include most questions about mattresses) and in these cases written communications can quickly become too complex and “linear” and time consuming (it may take 4 or 5 exchanges to even be able to frame the more meaningful or relevant questions you may need to ask) to be meaningful, efficient, or effective.

Talalay would only “feel” softer (for most people) than Dunlop in the same ILD (firmness level) but both types of latex are available in a wide range of ILD’s so softer Dunlop can be much softer than firmer Talalay. One isn’t any “better” than the other … they are just “different” … and which one is best for each individual person depends on their preferences, individual circumstances, budget, the specific design of the mattress, and on the parts of each person’s personal value equation that are most important to them.


I have decided that I want to go with all natural latex with a quilted wool cover. Is the Arizona Premium Solid Core the only one that meets those requirements? I think the Spindle Blue Shoal does too, but it has 7 zones, which I don’t need/want.


Hi chrstnamarie,

The tutorial post includes this link to a list of the members here that sell mattresses online and there are quite a number of them that make one or more mattresses that meet your criteria (100% natural latex with a wool quilted cover). The ones that are in the US include Arizona Premium (, MyGreenMattress, SleepEZ, Rocky Mountain Mattress, Brooklyn Bedding, CozyPure, Flobeds, Spindle Mattress, Flexus Comfort, and SleepingOrganic.


It seems SleepEZ and Arizona Premium are more in my price range, but I can’t find the bamboo cover on the SleepEZ site. I’m waiting for a call back from them.

Leaning towards Arizona Premium:
1: It is higher than I had originally hoped, but it is the most natural.
2: I like that it is Dunlop and Talalay, get the best of both worlds, but I am not sure what the bamboo cover upgrade would be.
3: It’s not 100% natural though (60/40 blend), but it is the cheapest of the bunch and I’m not so sure I should be so concerned with a blend since I’ve read that the blends are still pretty safe.

The 3rd will probably end up being it, especially since I am purchasing 2 at once.

I have finally narrowed it down to 2:

This one has all natural dunlop with an all natural talalay comfort layer, you can get either bambo and wool cover or organic cotton and wool cover for the same price.

This one has all natural dunlop (2 3" layers) with a organic cotton and wool cover.

I am just waiting for Flexus to open so I can talk to them a little more about their bed. I just got off the phone with Arizona Premium.

Any suggestions on bamboo vs cotton cover? Also, any suggestions on where to find a good latex pillow? Arizona Premium offers them, but if I go with Flexus I will need to find somewhere to get them.


Hi chrstnamarie,

You are certainly looking at some great options and I’m looking forward to finding out about your final choice.

There is more information in post #7 here and post #11 here about cotton vs bamboo and other semi synthetic viscose fabrics. Cotton is a more natural material and bamboo has a smoother feel but you would have a mattress protector and sheets over your mattress so the “feel” of the fabric wouldn’t make as much difference as it would with sheets.

Pillow choices are too subjective and individual to make any specific suggestions but there is some good information in the pillow thread here that should be helpful.


Okay…now I have 3 options that are all similarly priced with minimum differences…how do you make the choice???

Flexus Comfort: 7" final height - 6" of 100% Natural Dunlop, he recommended the medium over firm (that’s what his kids sleep on), comes with a organic cotton & wool cover. Price (with 5% MU discount) is $712.50 with free shipping. Pillows would be $50 each (still cheaper than Amazon). So, $762.50 with a pillow for each.

Arizona Premium: 8" final height - 6" all natural dunlop with 2" all natural talalay topper in a organic cotton & wool cover. he suggested medium for the dunlop core, the talalay topper is 20-24 ILD. Price is $695 + $75 shipping. They offer either 5% off or a free pillow (standard size pillow is $49). In this case the pillow would be more so I would take that, which means each mattress would be $770.

SleepEZ: 7" final height - 6" of natural dunlop (2 3" layers) with a cotton & wool cover. He suggested soft over firm for a girl and either the same or medium over firm for a boy (my boy is long and lean, so I would probably go soft over firm for both). Price (with 5% MU discount) is $712.50 with free shipping and TWO free pillows for each mattress.

So, based on price alone (since specs are pretty similar) SleepEZ is the winner, but what would I do with 4 pillows?!?! I don’t need a new pillow (still rocking my latex from 6 years ago, and I LOVE it), plus these will be standard, not queen size.

Hi chrstnamarie,

Post #2 here may be helpful when you are down to “good vs good” or even “great vs great” and there are no clear “winners” between them.

You are certainly looking at some great options and none of them would be a “mistake”.