Latex mattress on a platform bed with 4.5" gap between slats

Hi MiriRose,

I certainly wouldn’t use a latex mattress on this as it is … especially when the slats are only 1x2 instead of 1x3 which means that the gaps should be even less to get to about 50% surface area support or better .If there was a way to add more slats that produced an even surface then that’s what I would do. It wouldn’t matter that there were two different types of slats as long as the surface was even. If this wasn’t possible … I would probably add a bunkie board that is around 2" thick and put this in between the bed and the mattress (here and here are examples) . Other alternatives would be to add a couple of inches of the firmest polyfoam you could find (50 ILD or better) and use this under the mattress or perhaps even something like this (although I would talk with them to see if it would be appropriate because it’s designed for use on a solid platform base and may not be stiff or rigid enough).

Apparently … some of these also had a ridge in the middle but I have read that the newer models don’t have this. If yours is one that has then it may be an issue for a bunkie board or even the other options I’ve mentioned because the surface wouldn’t be flat.