Latex mattress retailers in Ottawa


First of all, thank you for this very informative website! I been spending the past week pouring over all the helpful advice and tutorials regarding mattresses.

I am interested in trying out an all NR latex mattress (Talalay and Dunlop) and have made an tentatively made appointment at Obasan (pending restrictions). I would like to try out a Dormio NR latex mattress, but they are solely located in the Toronto area. Current COVID restrictions in my province do not allow in person shopping, nor travel outside my city. I emailed Dormio this week, and I received a rather non-helpful reply: “We don’t have an Ottawa location so hopefully you will be able to make the trip down here soon.” I just wanted to confirm whether there are other retailers that sell Dormio mattresses in Ottawa.

After searching the forums, I plan to visit Matelas Lapensee and Matelas Dauphin as well. I have also emailed Swiss dream beds (CBH wood furniture), as I am very curious about trying out their bed system!

Thank you again for all your help!

Hi SleeplessInOttawa.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum :slight_smile:

It is my understanding that Dormio does not sell at other retail locations in Canada at this time. I’m sorry you didn’t receive the reply you had hoped for from them!

Have you already had your appointment at Obasan? If so, how did it go? They have been recommended by our Canadian Trusted Members to consumers in the past.

I can see you’ve done your homework. That is excellent. Beyond these recommendations, the best I can do is to point you to this resource on how to identify a quality mattress retailer.

Please do keep us in the loop as to how your experiences go with these different locations!