Latex Mattresses: My Green Mattress. Vs. Sleep on Latex

I have been turning my attention to latex mattresses, and I am now looking at two queen-size latex mattresses from two TMU Trusted Members: the Hope Latex Mattress from My Green Mattress and the medium Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress from Sleep On Latex.

They are very similar in construction: organic cotton and wool on top and layers of organic Dunlop latex below.

The differences are in the number, height, and firmness of the latex layers.

The medium Pure Green mattress has two layers. The top one is 2 inches high and has an ILD of 20, and the bottom one is 6 inches high and has an ILD of 30.

The Hope mattress has three 3-inch layers. The top one has an ILD of 15-20, the middle one has an ILD of 25-30, and the bottom one has an ILD of 40.

I can’t test these out before purchase. I am wondering if you could comment on the differences in feel or functionality or durability that you would expect.

I myself would expect that since the Hope mattress has more overall latex and firmer latex in the support layer, it might provide better support and maybe durability too. It also provides a deeper comfort layer that might contribute to greater comfort functionality. On the other hand, the softer comfort layer might lead to less durability. Or maybe none of this really matters, and I won’t even notice the difference.

Any guidance you can offer?

Hello JDCO,

The feel of the mattress will be determined by your height, weight and sleeping potions. Please provide me with that information so I can give you btter guidance