Latex off gassing?

Thank you Phoenix for your help! I wanted to tell you the thread with the Myrbacka and other Ikea mattress info from sdmark is what led us to purchase it, plus it is $100 off this month! :wink: The smell is slowly diminishing with lots of airing out and breezy temps. I believe their top cover is part of the problem in retaining the smell.

We are also shopping for a mattress for our 3 year old. Being that I have a super sensitive nose, would buying a polyfoam bed like the Tuft and Needle be a poor choice? Should I lean towards 100% natural latex or will that smell just as bad? I am also considering a cotton futon but my husband isn’t sure those are supportive enough for growing bones. I have looked through all of the links on post #2 and it has been very helpful, but also a challenge to spend the money I wish I could on him to get him the healthiest mattress possible. His mattress may potentially be on a top bunk in a few years so mattress height of no more than 6 inches is a possible limiting factor as well. It seems like “bigger is better” is the trend now.
Thanks again!