latex topper - confused

@flybear, I say feed the OCD :wink:

Buy all the material and have fun. I just changed out my first layer… Building some sort do score card because the “best” will be measured by:

  • PPP (posture, pressure relief, and preferences… But over the course of sleeping on it, not like in a showroom)
  • actual sleep, and tossing and turning or not
  • surface feel. I read a bunch in bed.

I do have 2 beds… 1 is the control, the second is what I’m experimenting on. They are both nearly identical.

Once I get a format, and assuming Phoenix doesn’t mind, I’ll start a thread and update it :slight_smile:

Hi dn,

I wouldn’t mind at all of course and it will be interesting to see the results of your experimentation.


Hi Clawdia,

I’m new here…registered b/c I wanted to let you know that Dewoolfson is having a sale on its featherbeds/products. I believe it you spend over $500 (I could be wrong on the amt), you get $100 off, plus free shipping; and, if you live out of state, you save on sales tax. Their featherbeds are not cheap, as you know, so if you had not yet bought one, this may be the time to consider it.

My husband and I just bought what we thought was a good mattress for us, but are finding that it seems a bit too firm. I decided to cushion it with a featherbed. After MUCH research (and sampling), I too, thought the Dewoolfson featherbed looked like it was well made and of good quality. The 80/20 although very lofty, still seemed too firm for us–but very full. I phoned Dewoolfson today to order the 50/50 when they told me about the sale. It helped ease the pain of the purchase a bit.

I hope that helps you.

Hi CRE8IV_1,

Thanks for taking the time to register and sharing the heads up :slight_smile: