Latex topper on a Tempurpedic

I have read a suggestion from another forum that I should consider adding a latex topper to my Tempurpedic mattress to help with shoulder pain. I am a side sleeper and have developed shoulder pain about 6 months ago after 3 years of use. Should I add latex topper to my bed? Should I flip the mattress and then add the latex topper? What are the trade offโ€™s and benefits?

Hi Fili,

I think my reply to your other post here includes most of the information I would reply with here as well and should be helpful :slight_smile:

Some of the pros and cons of latex are here and the pros and cons of memory foam are here but in the end it would be a matter of personal preference. No matter which you choose though โ€ฆ I would make sure that it is the type, quality, thickness, and firmness of either material that would be the most suitable for your needs and preferences.