Leaning Toward Luma


After much research, thinking and trying to sort out logistics, I’m leaning toward the base Luma Mattress. I had been leaning toward another company but delivery and timing are critical for me and I’m not 100 percent convinced things would go smoothly with the other company.

Anyway, for now, and I’m thinking the Luma base would be good and at some point down the road, investing in a topper due to budget constraints. I like the system approach and flexibility long term. But I’m concerned about a few things …

  1. What is Tencel and how is it different from cotton, wool or bamboo? How thick is the cover? Does this mean it will smell and give off fumes? A friend warned me about flame retardants … How do the Luma mattresses meet the guidelines/requirements?
  2. Speaking of fumes and I guess the term is off-gassing … is there any with your mattresses? I’m sensitive when I even walk into Home Depot or Lowe’s or if there is a new paint job … Does the HD polyfoam at the base release fumes?
  3. I think the person on chat said that the coil for the base is not zoned and that getting a zoned coil base would be possible. But that makes me wonder if it is needed? My BMI is 19/20 and my husband is 28/29. We are both side and back sleepers. Mostly back. I can’t sleep on our Stearns and Foster pillowtop anymore (hurts my back) and sleep on an ancient traditional coil mattress which is fine when on my back but hurts my shoulder and hips.
  4. What is possible with the delivery of the mattress? I’ll be relocating to the Miami area and need a bed on a specific date.

Thank you.