Looking for new bed near High Point, NC

Hi ctroxtell,

Post #1 here has lots of information about the types of foundations that are most approopriate for foam mattresses. Post #2 here also talks about box springs vs foundations.

I wouldn’t use the foundation you linked under a mattress with a latex base layer but it would probably be OK with a polyfoam base layer (although I would still tend towards a version with more wires and smaller spaces in the grid if I was buying a more costly mattress).

Both of these use latex or thicker layers of 5 lb memory foam which are both more costly materials. The quality of a mattress though doesn’t go by price or thickness but by the quality of the layers and materials in it. In some cases mattresses with thicker comfort layers can actually be less appropriate or sometimes unnecessary for some people depending on body type and sleeping position even though they may be more expensive. Your testing and the help of Rocky Mountain will help you make the most suitable choice that is closest to your own personal value equation.

I don’t know what they have available at the factory of if they can be picked up there but they could certainly answer this if you called them. I know they can also do custom builds in any layering you choose.