Looking for some advice on hip and shoulder pain

Hi Bill S,

[quote]I used the contact information for someone at Corporate that my mother had given me (she also had recently bought a Savvy Rest bed and had been dealing with Corporate for some reason). The lady there was pleasant to talk to, and was VERY helpful; she agreed to let me do an exchange, even though I was seriously out of their exchange period, and gave me some ideas as to how to proceed.

So I’m hopeful that this will get worked out. [/quote]

It’s great to hear that they went “above and beyond” to help you and I’m looking forward to finding out how your new layer works out for you :).

@mattress maven,

I noticed that you have been mentioning “pushback” in several of your posts and I thought I would mention that pushback is really a misnomer that can be somewhat misleading for those that don’t know what it means or that it is just another word for resilience. It has very little to do with firmness or pressure relief and resilience is one of the properties of a material that is part of how it “feels” and responds (which is a preference issue) but not part of its ability to relieve pressure. There is more about what many people call “pushback” in post #136 here.