love tempur cloud - any alternatives out there?

Hi yianni54,

You can see my thoughts about Tempurpedic in post #2 here and the posts it links to. They are in the same quality range as any other memory foam of similar density (and usually lower cost) and the reason they demand such a premium is because of marketing and much higher profit margins.

[quote]Not sure if you remember I tried all latex but the top layers continue to soften too much and I. Have tried 3 different top layers and all soften too much for my liking.

Thinking of going back to a Tempurpedic. I had the Allura and while I liked it,I didn’t like the sinking in feeling. I guess there new line Cloud Luxe is the answer to this.

Is this type of bed less susceptible to softening?

What is the most softening resistant comfort layer on the market?[/quote]

The Allura uses higher density (more durable) memory foam than the Cloud Luxe so the Cloud Luxe will soften faster than the Allura. Since the Allura softened for you too quickly (according to your original post here)… the Cloud Luxe will do so even more quickly because the foam density is lower.

Latex is generally the most durable of the three main foam types (polyfoam, memory foam, latex foam). Some other types of comfort layers that are also very durable include microcoils, and buckling column gel both of which, like latex, are in the “very durable” range. Memory foam 5 lbs and higher is also a durable material (while 4 lb memory foam such as in the Cloud Luxe is generally softer but not as durable). Natural fibers such as wool and cotton are also very durable but they will “nest” and form some body impressions over time (which is a normal part of how they respond over time) and as they compress they will also tend to become firmer.

Because you have had several mattresses of different types that have appeared to soften for you more quickly than they do for others … I would suspect that you may be choosing mattresses that are too soft in the first place so even a small amount of normal softening that is part of all materials is putting you “over the line” in terms of the range of comfort and support that works well for you. You can read more about the factors that are part of the relative durability of a mattress in post #4 here and post #2 here has more about how durability is relative to the needs and preferences of each person.