"Major" Brands Sealy Optimum?

Phoenix, I just wanted to update you on the mattress I found at the Amish manufacturer I mentioned yesterday. The King sized memory foam had a 5lb density. If you remember, I mentioned that it was a two sided mattress 10" thick. The owner/bedmaker said it had a 6" polyfoam (I think that is what he said at least) core and had 2" thick comfort layers on each side. We went ahead and purchased this and got the king set for just under $900 with tax included. This was $1000 less than what we were quoted for the Sealy Optimum Destiny I originally asked about. I was a little worried that the comfort layers are too thick, but the density was right and at that price I can afford to replace it much sooner if it starts to sag early.

I want to again thank you. You provide a great service to the consumer on this website. If there is anything I can do to help you, even through a paypal donation let me know.

ADDED later: See this thread for more about Country Bedding.