Mattress Advice


I am looking into purchasing a new mattress as we are upgrading from a queen to a king. The luma sleep latex slumber system looks interesting to me. I am cross shopping this with the Nest all latex, the Saatva Zenhaven, and the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom (which is latex hybrid).

I went to the Nest showroom in NYC to try their bed and it was a little bit on the firm as well as thin side (i.e the mattress wasn’t that thick) - in the medium firmness. The firm firmness was much too firm. I believe that mattress is 100% dunlop latex. I have not had a chance to try the Zenhaven which I believe is 100% Talalay latex. Am I correct in deducing that the Luma latex bed would be in between the two as it has dunlop for the base and middle layer but is available with Talalay latex as the topper?

My wife and myself are of normal BMIs - I am 5’10, 175lbs, she is 5’4, 120lbs. I am a side and back sleeper (with lower back and sometimes shoulder pain in my current mattress which is a 5 year old Brooklyn Bedding best mattress ever mattress) and my wife is a side a stomach sleeper. With Luma I would probably go with the medium Talalay topper for the all latex sleep system. Does this seem like a good choice or is there another mattress I should consider?

With respect to the two layers of the mattress, is there much movement of the top layer vis a vis the bottom layers since they are in separate encasements? What is the encasement material and is it breathable (I tend to be a hot sleeper)? Does the extra encasement around the top layer make it less breathable than a mattress that is entirely enclosed in one encasement?

Thank you for the help!