mattress for sailboat


I think that making a connection with a manufacturer that makes good quality and value mattresses and is familiar with some of the specific needs of boat mattresses (and perhaps experience with cutting them to some of the more unusual shapes that can be required) may be a better first step than a suggestion about materials which have more to do with your personal preferences than mine. Some of these special needs of course include moisture resistance and ventilation in all the components as well as the possibility of corrosion and rust with any innersprings that can be important in a more humid environment. I personally would tend towards latex or a latex hybrid for your mattress and higher grade polyfoam (possibly with a thinner layer of memory foam on top) for the guest beds but these would be my own preferences and others may choose differently.

I would also of course focus on making sure that your mattress met your specific needs and preferences based on body type and sleeping positions (just like any other mattress purchase) and if you have a certain group of guests that would be more frequent than others then their preferences may also play a role in the choice of your guest beds. If your guests would be a wide range of different people then like a hotel mattress a more “generic” build that fit a wider range of people would probably be the best choice. This usually involves a fairly firm support layer (polyfoam or innerspring) and several inches of softer foam on top to get to what is often referred to as a “medium firm” feel. Your budget here and the environment may do better with foam.

No matter which materials you may prefer or choose though, I would make sure that you used the highest quality most durable materials possible in your budget ranges and that the overall build was suitable for a marine environment and its special requirements regardless of whether you prefer latex, memory foam, polyfoam, or innersprings or any other material or component.

I don’t know what your “home port” may be but there is a partial list of some manufacturers in post #2 here which are familiar and experienced with marine mattresses and if none of these are near you then if you let me know your zip or city I’d be happy to see if I know of any that are closer to you.

Hope this helps