Mattress Foundations

I stumbled across this site when looking at different options for a new mattress, and was amazed with all the information available and shared by its members. Now that I have decided on a latex mattress, I’m a little confused about foundations. What do I purchase if my bed is not a platform style? Do the slatted wood foundations, such as this one: PJs Sleep Company | Luxury-Organic Mattress Store, fit a standard metal bed frame? Will a standard bed, with the usual 3- or 4- slats and center beam support this type of foundation with a 12" latex mattress? Would i be better off removing the few existing slats and using a steel grid non-flex foundation inside the frame? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Bobbi,

The foundation thread here should be helpful :slight_smile:

The PJ’s organic foundation would certainly work well and have 1.5" gaps between the slats.

They will fit a standard metal bedframe yes.

If you have a bedframe with wooden slats I would probably make sure it has 5 slats in it and a midbeam supported to the floor for strength.

You can see my thoughts about the stand alone wire grid foundations in post #10 here.

Just make sure it’s the organic if you decide to purchase from PJ’s (see this thread).


Thank you, Phoenix -

I’ve read and re-read the foundations posts until I have completely confused myself , although I have definitely eliminated the wire grid type of foundation. I have also decided that I now need a new bed, nightstands, possibly an area rug… :slight_smile: The debate is now between the PJ’s organic foundation with a standard bed frame and headboard, and the Calvin bed from Room and Board, which has twelve, non-flexible slats for the mattress support system. The Room and Board bed (model is Calvin) seems sturdy, but doesn’t have a center beam or rail, and I wondered if you thought this would lessen the mattress support.

Thank you, Bobbi

Hi Bobbie,

I would make sure that any support surface for a latex mattress (whether it was a platform bed or a foundation) had gaps between the slats that were no more than 3" apart and also make sure that there was good support to the floor in the middle of the larger sizes. I wouldn’t trust that that a bed with wooden slats across the entire “span” of a queen or king size that didn’t have center support to the floor wouldn’t sag over time and it also may not meet the warranty requirements of the mattress so I would eliminate one of your two options unless you add legs under the slats in the center (and I would add at least 3) or re-inforce it in some way to prevent sagging.

Hope that helps.