Mattress in south eastern MA

Hi chicago77,

There are several reasons to be cautious with this mattress even though the specs “appear” to be OK.

The first is that it’s manufactured in China (see post #6 here) so there will always be some uncertainty about whether the specs (assuming they are correct in the first place) are an accurate reflection of the durability of the materials.

The second is that there are three different descriptions of the foam density in the Overstock listing. The first is the one you listed. The second is in the answer to one of the questions which says " Also, the density of the layers is 60 on the first layer, 50 on the second layer and 32 on the third layer" and the third is in the specs on the right side where it says “density 3 lb”. They also don’t list a shipping weight which would allow you to check and see if the densities worked out to what the mattress weighs. Overstock is not always very accurate in listing their specs.

Third is that Overstock also doesn’t allow any returns which makes buying an online mattress where you can’t test the mattress ahead of time very risky because if it doesn’t work out as well as you hoped for in terms of comfort and PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) you would be stuck with it. The Overstock customer service reps also know very little about “matching” their mattresses to different body types, sleeping styles, and personal preferences and are’t good at providing meaningful guidance to their customers.

Overall I would consider this to be a very risky choice and there are certainly less risky and better quality/value options available to you IMO.