Mattress Nightmare, finally getting out of a pillowtop

I also meant to ask, I was reading about the mattress prot. and while none will make you cool by virtue of the waterproof back, if I had my choices down to 2
which would be better materials polyester with a Under Armour like technology (bedliner with omniguar) or eucalyptus material with a similar type of ‘keep the moisture’ technology (Protect a Bed Luxury model).

Hi eric0668,

I was trying to help you assess how well your support system under the mattress matched the Simmons warranty criteria and how it may affect your warranty coverage.

Lets take this one step at a time.

  1. The Simmons warranty requires at least 1 leg to the floor under a steel center beam for a queen and two for a king. I don’t believe that the Malm has any center support under the center steel beam based on reading the assembly instructions.

  2. In addition to this … the Simmons warranty says that a slatted platform bed needs to have slats that are no more than 2" apart and I believe the slats you have are further apart than this.

  3. If you are using a separate foundation (vs putting the mattress directly on a slatted platform) then the Simmons warranty says that you will need either a Simmons foundation (either low or high profile) or a supportive, rigid, non yielding foundation. It doesn’t define this specifically but it would include the criteria they would be looking for in a high profile or low profile foundation or a bunkie board.

The Simmons warranty is written for all their mattresses which are mostly pocket coils. An “all foam” mattress would normally be fine with slats that are 3" apart as long as there is adequate center support to the floor underneath the foundation or bunkie board in “real life” terms but that’s not what the warranty says so if you were to have a warranty claim they could deny it because your frame and foundation/slats don’t meet the criteria.

I would either ask the retailer to find out specifically or email Simmons yourself describing your setup and ask them specifically whether your support system (bedframe, slats, and any foundation or bunkie board) would meet their warranty criteria for the mattress you have. They are the ones that can give you the authoritative answer that you need and clarify any of the grey areas of their warranty (such as how they define a “supportive, rigid, non yielding foundation”).


Am I missing something when I see a pic with my bed exactly with slats and a mid beam top to bottom they say is fine

And when I had a tempurpedic they said since I had support all the way across the bottom and forth across the top that was as good as having a center support foot.

Either way you are saying that I should be fine in a memory foam mattress if I want to chance it even with slats less than 3" but if something happened I’d be screwed.

? you are not saying that my bed overall is not supportive to use the mattress in any fashion, that I need to go to get a new bed, or become a carpenter and build a center leg. you are simply saying I need to use my bunkie board that I ended up using on my Tempurpedic. Or a Box or foundation

This is all about my ability to use the mattress with slats alone.

I am near a IKEA but not home now - do you know if the highest end slats are 3". They even look like they may be 2"

The mattress is firm, a 4 on the 1-10 scale so not ultra firm. If it were on those slats, do you know them, would it make the mattress softer (someone said with 10" I wouldnt be able to notice it) and do you know if the ‘bouncy’ ones would make noise.

I asked that awhile ago. I forgot my own question I got sidetracked in not understanding stuff lol

Hi eric0668,

Who is saying it is fine? The midbeam doesn’t have any support under it in the middle and the slats are farther apart than the warranty criteria so based on their warranty description it wouldn’t be fine.

If this came from Tempurpedic and you had it in writing then it would be fine (because the Tempurpedic warranty also specifies center support to the floor) … but your current mattress is a Simmons so they may have a different answer.

I don’t know your weight or have any direct experience with the Malm bedframe so I don’t know how much the center beam might sag either initially or over time. The distance between your slats would probably be fine in practical terms but if you were to have a warranty issue (which may happen because the density of the foam in the comfort layers of your mattress may be on the low side if you didn’t find out specifically what it was) then they could deny warranty coverage yes.

I’m saying I don’t have enough information to know for certain but that the support system you are using may be risky. The risk of sagging is higher with a bedframe that doesn’t have any center support under the midbeam but I can’t “quantify” the risk. The slats would probably be fine in practical terms but I don’t know about your bedframe. Using a solid bunkie board would increase the strength and decrease the likelihood of sagging caused by the bedframe so the risk would be less but there still wouldn’t be any center support to the floor under the midbeam.

If instead of a bunkie board you decide on a foundation to raise the height (not a box spring which flexes) then you would need to find out how they define “supportive, rigid, non yielding foundation” because they don’t specify the specifics for a suitable foundation. Once again a slatted foundation would likely be fine in real life (if it was on a suitable bedframe that didn’t sag) but they don’t define “suitable”. The only thing you can know for certain without asking them directly is that their own foundation would be “suitable” as long as it was also on a suitable bedframe.

I don’t know the distance between the Lade slats but if they are each 2.5" wide and there are 15 slats then the width of the gaps would be a little under 3".

I also don’t know the distance between the higher end slats but they are also flexible and not “rigid” and the distance between the slats appears to be less and would probably be 2" or less.

In practical terms they would probably also be fine although they may be firmer in the center where they don’t flex (and once again you would be using them on a bedframe that didn’t have center support) but they don’t match the warranty criteria because they flex.

The effect of flexible slats will depend on your weight and on the thickness and specifics of your mattress. The Laxeby can also be adjusted in different “zones”. Some people may feel a difference and some may not with a 10" mattress. I don’t believe they would be noisy.


I’m getting there. :slight_smile:

No one said that it was fine directly. They looked at the bed in IKEA and said with the midbeam it would be fine based on the picture. Which I am still confused about. You have mentioned a lot but not commented on that picture where it says it is fine with the beam and has no leg support in the middle. In fact not fine, but one level up

Regardless of that answer, if j
I understand correctly “to you” or “as you understand” and you know more than I , the bed itself is TECHNICALLY not good enough. I guess I just have to spell it out for myself and understand it but understand that you are not saying get a new bed, or even put a center support under the beam in just that it won’t suffice. Not even with their foundation, a box spring etc. Correct I am assuming all the same with the bunkie board very solid, theirs and any random one idk about.

Can you please comment on that picture where I see that the beam is OK. And the mattress protector if time permits. The 2 choices I gave

I can only ask… And when done as my friends and I joke about a joke job I have. Punch out from your job with me…which appears to be more like a full time job. :slight_smile:

Thank you immensely

Hi eric0668,

I’m not clear what you’re asking me that I haven’t already answered :dry:

Which picture do you mean? If you mean the picture you attached then it (and the instruction video at Ikea) doesn’t show any center support under the midbeam.

Post #89 here has more information about the pros and cons of different types of mattress protectors that can help you choose the one that is best for you.


Thanks Phoenix. Really. I guess I am reading the warranty different. I am trying to upload a pic on my cell but can’t. In the middle pic it says acceptable support for a queen, split queue., and King. Has a horizontal beam where you MUST have the middle leg. And the vertical one without which is fine.

Regardless I am probably going to use the bunkie board so no sense in my frustration in understanding the warranty affecting you.

Now as far as the protector post goes I was glad to see the protect a bed there as being good. I ordered the Luxury. One of, if not the best. How does that differ from the elite. I have never seen the elite. The Luxury I have…I have the pillow protectors. They are very sheet like. .much thinber than the basic terry cloth.

Thank you again. You neednt worry about getting thru my hard head if I am still not seeing something u see.

Enjoy the rest of your night. Are you watching any Olympics?

Hi eric0668,

Some browsers seem to have issues with forum attachments but you can email me the picture at the contact address at the top of the page and I can attach it for you if you’d like.

I don’t know which picture you are looking at but all the options that I see in the warranty card (queen or king) whether they are a metal bedframe or a wooden bedframe require center support to the floor. This is the normal standard in the industry.

The Elite has cotton terry on both sides of the membrane (so it can be used on either side) which would protect the waterproof/semi breathable membrane more effectively and the Luxury uses a Eucalyptus viscose fabric which is smoother than cotton and wicks moisture a little better but the fiber is only on one side of the membrane.

I haven’t been watching them live but I’ve been reading the updates and highlights.


Here is the pic from the warranty. A screenshot, because it is in PDF so you can’t exactly save an image easily

My bed has the support in the top middle (Superior Support) better than Acceptable, but not as good as Premium

As I said, I’m probably going to use the Bunkie board anyway. Just to be safe

Unless I decide to get the platform type bed I wanted. The Malm is not a true platform bed having slats and sitting a couple inches into the frame.

The other pic is one example of a bed I am looking at. Very simple. Now with the part under the bed fully covered, and the makers saying a boxspring is not needed, would that be acceptable? This is the link.