Mattress protector for really heat sensitive sleep

Hi levander,

Just to put some of these in perspective (all in queen size) …

#1 Natura Washable Cotton Fitted Mattress Pad has 10 oz/yd of wool for a total of about 2.3 lbs.
#4 Sleep & Beyond myProtector Fitted Mattress Protector has about 5.6 oz/yd of wool for a total of about 1.3 lbs.
#5 Suite Sleep Washable Wool Mattress Pad I couldn’t find any information about how much wool was in this but it does look like there is more wool.

Just for reference …

The St Dormeir protector uses 4.5 oz/yd of wool for a total of a little over a pound of wool

Protectors with some stretch in the cotton and thinner layers of wool will have less effect on the latex underneath them than cotton/wool protectors.

Post #9 here by DahliaM describes the effect of thicker layers of wool very well and how they can add some surface softness but can actually reduce the amount you sink in or reduce the ability of softer latex to contour to your body which can make it feel firmer.

#3 Suite Sleep Organic Cotton Stretch Knit Mattress Pad DahliaM also owns this and has some comments in post #10 here comparing it to the Natura washable wool mattress pad (which has 10 oz/yd of wool).

I also own the Natura Protect Deluxe which also has about 10 oz/yd of wool and you can see my comments about it in post #22 here.

All of the mattress protectors/pads you are looking at will likely be cooler and an improvement compared to your “thin membrane type” protector. Wool will be more temperature regulating than just a stretch knit cotton.

While I don’t have personal experience with most of the options you are considering I thought I’d add some food for thought.