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Hi Phoenix and team,
I am looking for a mattress protector. I just ordered the nest bedding natural hybrid latex mattress (plush) and am looking for a protector. Priority is for protection of the mattress from sleeping on the bed, as well as small dog on the bed and any potential liquids spilled over time. I used to use the protect-a-bed on my old mattress, but I’m realizing that may not be the best solution since it’s so hard to take off, it discourages washing it (we rarely clean it). The bed bug protection is a nice to have, but I think the 6 sided encasements are just too hard to take off to clean and the trade off isn’t worth it, so thinking a 5 sided may be best. I have been through a bunch of posts, and I’m really just looking for a good recommendation or two on what to buy. What do you use / what would you buy? Not looking for anything that will enhance or impact the feel of the mattress ideally, so something thin would be great. Was looking at the Purple one, and also the Nest Bedding cooling one. Also saw the Berkeley product. Please help!
Thank you!

Hi MattressResearchIsKey.

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You may be interested in out mattress protector thread that has some recommendations from Phoenix.

Specifically as it relates to 5 side protectors, Phoenix previously offered these recommendations.

For what it’s worth, this is the one I use and I love it. It does a great job (and I have a baby and multiple dogs/cats to protect the mattress from!) and it really it quite soft.

You probably can’t go wrong with Nest Bedding’s own recommendation for a protector since it likely pairs best/very well with their mattresses.

I hope I’ve been able to help here! If you have more questions, please do ask.


5 sided protectors are more comfortable for use as you said above. If you were never faced bed bugs like me several days ago. As a result, I paid $600 for a pest control company visit, and ordered chemicals for $150(source). Hope that they are not toxic. To my mind, sometimes it’s better to overpay a little and not always the first decision turns out right

Hi Boynextdoor.

Sorry to hear of your bed bugs. Will you also be in the market for a new mattress protector? Or are you relying solely on treating with pest control?


I used Viscogel mattress topper for my back pain.
At first there was a slight memory foam factory smell but it dissipated within 1 to 2 days. Not very strong at all and I was able to sleep on it within hours of opening. It makes my mattress thicker but the sheets still fit… nothing special, just normal sheets. I do have to climb a little to get on my bed but I am also short lol. It took me quite some time to get used to the lovely softness that envelops you once you sit or lay down on it. I’m so glad I purchased this. If you like sleeping on a cloud, this is for you! I love the way it hugs my body while laying and it conforms to my body curves unlike the firm mattress below it. Wish I bought much sooner.

In Europe at the moment, a small bed bug problem. I must say natural latex mattress helped me a lot.
Some say you can remove bed bugs with heat, getting the room very hot. I could do this with gas fire and electric heaters, though my circuits blow if I use too much electricity.
While natural latex is naturally bed bug resistant due to its dense construction, there is no such thing as a bed bug proof mattress. However, if you take preventative measures to avoid bed bug exposure along with owning a latex mattress, you should be in good shape to avoid an infestation in your bed.