Mattress recommendation for 6-4, 220lbs with lower back pain

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From your description, I would wager that a great deal of the pain you are experiencing can indeed be attributed to your mattress. Lower back pains (especially in the morning) can be often an indication of foam breakdown and mattress sag (which you have already noticed occurring) compromising a neutral spinal alignment. Soft foams, like those of a plush mattress, are also breaking down much faster then firmer ones.

Sleep EZ is an Expert Member on our forum which means I think I very highly of them. They also have a dedicated forum here on the site where you can ask them any questions you may have about their 10" build or any other product they offer. I would certainly suggest to you to rely on the advice of SleepEZ themselves as they are much more familiar with their own mattress/topper designs and materials than anyone else (including me) and they can use the information you provide them about your body type and sleeping positions, your preferences, your history on different mattresses, and the results of your local testing to make suggestions based on the “averages” of other customers that may be similar to you. The more accurate and detailed the information you provide them the better you will help them to help you make the best possible choices out of the options they have available.
You are correct that they do offer layer exchanges, so if you don’t feel comfortable after rearranging the layers… with the medium top layer, you can always exchange for a softer top layer.

As you have a higher BMI. If you haven’t done so yet, I’d definitely take the time to read our Mattress Durability Guidelines particularly Post #3 has more information and suggestions about heavier weights that is worth reading.
A high BMI presents special challenges and generally requires firmer materials (in the support layers especially) and a thicker mattress. There are also a number of forum posts and threads about mattresses and higher weights and a forum title search on heavy Some examples include:

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Because of its unusual qualities and response to pressure … latex can feel both softer and firmer at the same time which may feel different than the materials that you are used to. Latex, in particular, is so point-elastic that you may sink in deeper when you are sitting on it and the weight is more concentrated (the material beside the point of compression has less effect or “drag” on the material that is compressing) and yet this same soft material is also very supportive and can provide good alignment when you are lying on it. It has a unique feel and performs like natural spring because of its open cells and inherent quality.

So to answer your question. - If you like the feel it is one of the best comfort choices but may ALSO take some getting used to :slight_smile:

I am happy to recommend any of our Trusted Members! If you’re not entirely convinced by an all latex mattress (which I believe is a great option) you may wish to browse through our trusted members to see which hybrid options they have.

I hope this helps you in your mattress shopping journey! Please keep us posted.