Mattresses in the area

Hi Relaxation,

I took a look around the Pagosa Springs area and there is nothing in the immediate area that I would personally consider.

The closest “somewhat local” option I’m aware of (subject to the guidelines here) would be in post #2 here.

Other than that … the closest forum lists would be for the Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM areas in post #5 here and for the Colorado Springs, Salida, Pueblo, CO areas in post #3 here and in the Denver/Boulder, CO areas in post #2 here and in the Salt Lake City, UT area in post #2 here and in the Phoenix, AZ area in post #4 here and in the Amarillo/Lubbock, TX area in post #2 here.

In an area such as yours it would certainly make a lot of sense to consider an online purchase.

If you tend to travel to the Denver or Arizona areas anyway (or to any of the other areas I listed) it would make sense to do some mattress testing while you are there anyway so that you are more familiar with the types of mattresses and materials you tend to prefer because this would be helpful regardless of whether you end up actually making a purchase there or online. If it would be a matter of a special trip just to test mattresses then of course you are in the best position to decide whether it would be worth it to you or not depending on how important it is to try different types of mattresses and materials before you make a purchase.

If you are comfortable with a longer trip then the Phoenix area would make a good destination since 3 of the members of the site are located there which would give you the chance to test some very good quality/value mattresses in person that most people across the country can only order online.

You can see my thoughts about a purchase from Costco in the link in my previous reply here but they certainly wouldn’t be my first choice if I was considering an online purchase because there are many better quality/value online options available to you that also have a good return policy.

If your mattress is still in relatively new condition and there are no dips, impressions, sagging, or soft spots and the only thing that you need to “fix” is that it is too firm then a topper can be a good solution and if you choose a topper that is a suitable for both you and the mattress that it’s on then it can certainly be a good “match” in terms of PPP.

If your mattress has dips, impressions, soft spots, or is sagging then a topper will tend to follow the dips or soft spots in the mattress underneath it and isn’t likely to be an effective solution (see post #4 here).