Memorial Day sale

Hi jahranking,

No, you’re not completely understanding (and to a point misrepresenting, but I’m sure not on purpose :wink: ) what I posted in my reply to you, and have written in other posts on the forum about sales events.

To help ease your mind and clarify for you or anyone else reading through this thread, and as was explained in more detail in post #5 (and the posts it links to) that I linked to in my earlier reply, the “fake sales” I am referencing are those with artificially inflated “regular prices”, where the discounts are represented to be 50% and above for a short period of time in order to generate urgency and drive sales. That is different from rotating coupons or smaller and legitimate discounts on special events.

From post #5:
[i]Better manufacturers and retailers don’t need or depend on mostly “fake” sales to provide good value to their customers (who often believe that the savings on a “special sale” are real) and will generally sell their mattresses for “good value” every day of the year. Sales that create a sense of “urgency” or a belief that a customer is getting some kind of “special value” or somehow did a great job at “negotiating” the price are all about marketing and perception and not so much about reality.

Better manufacturers and retailers will occasionally have a legitimate sale with smaller discounts but they will be for legitimate reasons and for smaller discounts that are not subject to negotiation (see post #6 here).

For those stores who use the typical “sales tactics” as a marketing tool (and there is nothing “wrong” with this as long as consumers understand that they are mostly meaningless and see the “major mattress sales” for what they really are) … sales are mostly rotating and ongoing, based on “fake” retail prices that nobody ever pays anyway (or at least should never pay), and only change in the details and the “name” of the sale. These larger sales tactics tend to be more commonly employed by some of the larger national retailers (50%-80% off every weekend).

This video and this video by one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry (and one of the members of this site) and who has a whole series of “Beducational videos” that helps to educate consumers is also well worth watching.
I would have no concerns with the Memorial Day promotion offered by Foam Sweet Foam (coupons in the 10%-15% range, which do represent a nice savings off of their prices), or any similar sales event. Discounts like this are not commonly offered and do result in some nice savings, should their products meet with your specific needs.

I hope that helps clarify my earlier response - sorry if there was any confusion. :slight_smile: