memory foam layer over latex layer

Hi beth620,

You can read more about the factors that contribute to durability and the useful life of a mattress in post #4 here. I would tend to use memory foam in the 4 lb and higher range in most cases and I would lean towards 5 lbs and higher and start to reduce the amount of 4 lb memory foam once you go over about 200 lbs or so. 5 lb memory foam would be more durable than 4 lb but it may also not have the “feel” that many people are looking for … especially in lighter weight ranges.

I believe this is misinformation and you can see more of my thoughts about Bedinabox’s claims in post #2 here.

I’ve talked with Randy there and he is knowledgeable and uses good quality materials in his mattresses but they are in a more premium budget range than other mattresses that use similar materials so I would make some careful value comparisons based on your own personal value equation before buying one. I agree that they are quite pricey.

All memory foam is heat sensitive … just to different degrees. There is more about the factors that can contribute to sleeping temperature in post #2 here.

This is probably the post you saw but just in case the Sacramento list is in post #5 here. I would do as much of your research on the phone as possible before making any trips.

Most larger manufacturers websites don’t include most of the mattresses they make and it varies in different areas of the country depending on the licensee factory that makes them. You would probably be better off calling stores to identify the general types of mattresses you are looking for based on general descriptions than trying to find specific manufacturers based on specific designs. These were just a very few off the top of my head that make similar mattresses.

I would need much more specific information about you and all the layers in the mattress / topper combination to make any meaningful comments. In general … accurate and objective testing using the testing guidelines will be fairly close to predicting your longer term experience in most cases and for most people within a reasonable margin of error that is close enough to use fairly minor fine tuning.

It’s possible that the foam you used to fill in the impressions is either too firm or is interfering with the response and compression of the layers underneath it. Numbness is generally an indicator of pressure issues in the area of numbness.