Memory Foam Mall experiences ?

Hi The_brooke,

They are one of dozens of Chinese “brands” that are manufactured by DeLandis (which is a joint venture with Classic Brands) and distributed by Rayson Global under many names.

As soon as you see prices like this I would make sure all your red flags are up and you can be fairly certain that they are part of the “race to the bottom” of cheap low quality Chinese memory foams that are flooding the market and being snapped up by unwary consumers who will buy anything that is “cheap” in the hopes that they are somehow getting a “deal” or “good value” (see post #6 here).

In addition to this I would be very cautious about buying anything from a source where you have no idea who or where they are and where they have no legitimate contact information outside the ebay community or email and there is no way to talk with them in person. This would also be significant red flag for me. You have no way of knowing what you are buying or whether you would be purchasing someone else’s returns or defective products.

All of these mattresses are vacuum compressed in China and then drop shipped to consumers by Rayson Global from their warehouse so that anyone can put up a “storefront” and become a “mattress retailer”.

They say on their ebay listings “60 days money back, free return shipping” but if you click on the link here or look on their website here you will see that consumers are responsible for return shipping which would cost more than the purchase price once the mattress is decompressed. Their warranty is also useless because returning the mattress would also cost more than the cost of a new mattress.

Finally perhaps the most important red flag of all is that they are misrepresenting their product. If you calculate out their foam densities and compare it to the shipping weight you will find that they don’t match and that their memory foam is very unlikely to be 5.3 lbs.

I would put them firmly in the “buyer beware” category.