Memory foam mattress topper (& MF mattresses?) - I am sick from VOCs

Hi 1whitehorse1,

You are getting some “misleading” information from Essentia that is more about marketing than it is about fact. There is more about their so called “slow response latex” in the previous posts I linked. They do use a fire retardant barrier in their mattress … it’s just not wool. You can read more about wool quilted covers in post #6 here. They also use Dunlop latex in their support core (not Talalay) and they are also in a much higher budget range than other mattresses that use similar materials.

Wool can certainly works well as a fire retardant (see post #2 here). All mattresses are tested as part of the fire regulations in each country. The “flaking off” of latex wouldn’t be a concern to me but a wool quilted cover will protect the latex from oxidation more effectively than a thinner unquilted cover (see post #3 here and post #3 here). The wool also surrounds the whole mattress but not each of the layers individually as far as I know.

This is also misinformation because wool tends to resist dust mites … not attract them (see post #9 here).