Mlily Memory Foam Mattress

Hi jrolex,

The Mlily memory foam mattresses appear to be the same or very similar to the BedBoss mattresses … at least in terms of the materials used. They are Chinese made but use Healthcare foam which is a CertiPur certified foam manufacturer* which means they have been tested for harmful substances and offgassing to the standards of the CertiPur testing.

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Like with any mattress though … the quality depends entirely on the materials they use in the mattresses and the layering information and the density of the memory foam and polyfoam are the most important “specs” I would want to know. They say they use 5.2 lb memory foam in every mattress but it’s not completely clear which layers they mean or if the density is the same in every layer or model. I would be very skeptical of this because the same BedBoss models use lower density. Bear in mind too that the polymer density of memory foam determines it’s quality/durability and any fillers used in the material can artificially increase the density number to make it appear higher than the actual memory foam itself (which means that it looks like it compares to higher quality memory foam). Fillers can also lower the durability of memory foam as well. This applies to “bamboo charcoal” or other particulate fillers.

Comparisons of mattresses to brands like Tempurpedic (or others) that don’t show all the specs of the materials are meaningless. Memory foam comes in a wide range or quality and density and comparing one density to another or worse yet not listing the density can lead to some very misleading comparisons.

So aside from these “unknowns” and the origin of the material (see post #6 here about Chinese memory foam mattresses) … they would appear to be a reasonable value but again this would depend on knowing the density of all the layers and I would not consider them until this was known for certain. Of course unless you are testing them in person … the choice of which mattress to purchase can also involve some risk in terms of the knowledge and ability of the manufacturer to “match” your needs and preferences to one of their mattresses. Sometimes these types of manufacturers that are more “commodity” types of items (sold on Craigs list, or on ebay, and other “discount outlets” where people are looking for “cheap” mattresses) are more focused on selling you what they can than they are educating you on which mattress may work best for your particular body type, sleeping style, and preferences. They can sometimes be a roll of the dice with no real “bricks and mortar” history behind them so the refund policy and any costs involved would also be an important part of an online purchase.

Hope this helps