More durable.then a sealy?

I recently tried a sealy silver cill plush hybrid bed. Loved it in store but read that they are not durable in the long run. Was considering Brooklyn bedding aroura. Any better options sub 2500

Hi Madrox921.

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Without having the densities of the various foams in the Sealy Silver, it’s hard to make any meaningful commentary on whether or not it would be durable with regards to your height, weight, and sleeping position (also unknowns). If you have that information handy, you can compare it with the useful information in our Mattress Durability Guidelines.

Many of our Trusted Members have mattresses within your price range.

Also (and you’ll see me say this to just about everyone) it is important to have a detailed conversation with whomever you choose to purchase from and provide them with your stats, body type, sleeping styles, general preferences and history, some general information about your current mattress, or what you have tested, and any other specific information or circumstances that could affect your choice of a mattress so they can help you choose which may be your best fit from their inventory.

I hope this helps!