Must choose a Simmons

HI eml,

Welcome back! I’m glad your new mattress has softened up and you’ve found a workaround to the heat issue with the wool topper.

While you don’t list specifics for the foam layers of the models you’re considering, in general I would be very cautious because Spa Sensations typically uses lower quality/density materials in their comfort layers (such as 3 lb memory foam) which would be a weak link in their mattresses. A forum search on Spa Sensations will bring up more information about them but in general I would avoid them along with the other Zinus brands as well.

Night Therapy is also a Zinus brand which is a Chinese manufacturer that makes a wide range of brands including Enso, Vivon, Spirit Sleep, Night Therapy, Keetsa and many others (see post #2 here ). They tend to use lower quality/density and less durable materials in their mattresses than I would normally consider. A forum search on Zinus (you can just click the link) will also bring up more information about them as well. They are all manufactured in China and shipped compressed to North America so I would also read post #6 here for more about Chinese imports and some of the additional uncertainty and risk that can be involved in purchasing them.

Again I don’t know if you are speaking to the foam or a finished product. These are higher quality memory foams, and I do have information from a previous post about two finished memory foam mattresses using these foams, just in case these were what you were considering:

Sensus 10" from sleepwarehouse:
This mattress uses 5 lb memory foam on top of 3 layers of 1.8 lb polyfoam so there are also no lower quality materials or weak links that would compromise the durability or useful life of this mattress relative to a weight/BMI range under 30 or so. The 3 polyfoam support layers can also be rearranged after a purchase to customize the firmness of the support layers after a purchase if you need to (which would also have some effect on how firm the mattress feels as well). If you wish to return a mattress, then their trial period is quite shore at less than 30 days because any returns must be received by them within 30 days after the mattress was delivered to you and you would also be responsible for any return shipping costs in returning the mattress.

Aerus, also by sleepwarehouse:
This mattress also meets the minimum durability guidelines I would suggest for your weight/BMI range (assuming that your BMI is under 30) so there are also no lower quality materials or weak links that would compromise the durability or useful life of this mattress relative to your weight/BMI range either although it uses 4 lb Aerus memory foam instead of the 5 lb Sensus memory foam so “in theory” it would likely be less durable than the Sensus version and it would be the least durable of the three. Other than that my comments would be the same as the Sensus version.

If you’re looking at a foam mattress on a lower budget, post #4 here and the posts it links to also include many of the better lower budget online options I’m aware of and are of a higher quality than the first two items you mentioned.