My head is spinning...

Hi Ceejay,

The closest manufacturers to you that I’m aware of are listed in the Springdale, AR list in post #4 here and the Tulsa list in post #2 here.

There is one local wholesale manufacturer that makes a line of their own promotional bedding (lower budget mattresses sold under the Sleep Dynamics name) that compete very well with the major manufacturers in terms of value and they also make Wickline mattresses (Stylution) which are imported as components and they assemble them. They are very open about what they make and while their retailers may not be well informed about the materials in their mattress … he will provide any specs that are necessary. He will also give consumers the names of any local outlets in AR, MS, OK, KS, and part of TX. They don’t make any latex mattresses. Good people.

They have at least one store in Fort Smith which is but I haven’t talked with them to find out about the type of knowledge, service they provide.

I also took a look at the retailers in the area and outside of one retailer there is little in the way of local quality choices and the area is dominated by the major brands. Retailer in Van Buren, AR. I talked with the owner here and he is knowledgeable about the industry and mattresses. Carries Sleep Harmony, Englander, Noctova, and Symbol. Runs on a low profit margin so the quality/value is good and he understands the importance of knowing what is in a mattress. You can read some feedback about them in post #7 of this thread (or just scroll down).

Other than this … your best choices involve a drive or if that is not practical … then working with one of the better online (or on the phone) manufacturers may also be well worth considering. A list of these that are members of the site and have some of the best quality and value in the country are in post #21 here.

Hope this helps.