My Organic Sleep Company

Hi NeedYourHelp,

I’m certainly happy to talk with him of course (and I have talked with them in the past) … but they don’t sell mattresses that I’m aware of so they wouldn’t qualify for membership. Membership in the site is by invitation and is generally the end result of ongoing conversations and a more “organic” process that leads to me getting to know them better and them getting to know the goals and ideals of the site better as well.

If the latex is certified organic then it would be GOLS certified not GOTS certified. There is more about organic certifications in post #2 here and the posts it links to. There are two manufacturers that make organic Dunlop in Sri Lanka which are Latex Green and Arpico and both of them make high quality Dunlop latex. Both manufacturers also sell non organic 100% natural Dunlop as well and a consumer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them (the feel and performance of both is the same in the same firmness and density level) so if you are paying a premium for certified organic Dunlop then you would need to trust that the supplier is sending you certified organic latex. As I mentioned in the link in my earlier reply, I don’t think their density/ILD numbers for their non organic Dunlop are accurate and you can see an example of more typical 100% natural Dunlop density and ILD comparisons here.