Narrow it down? All latex, heavy side sleeper

Hi all - first off, thanks so much for all the info on this forum. I have gone down the rabbit hole somewhat and have lurked here for the past couple of weeks reading everything I can. I’ve definitely gone on a journey from thinking about buying (another) cheap mattress from Amazon to splurging on one of the super expensive ones from the ads that are now flooding my Facebook feed :slight_smile:

So my details - I’m 5’8", 300 lbs, my wife is 5’4" 225. We’re both side sleepers, prefer a medium firm/medium mattress. I don’t mind a soft/plushy topper with medium/firm support underneath. We currently have a king size “Sleep Innovations” 14 inch memory foam mattress that we got 8 years ago, and it has been great until about the last year. I was having lower back pain/sciatica on our old Tempurpedic (which she bought before I was in the picture, it was terrible), and this mattress felt like a huge upgrade from that and my back pain was gone.

Now it’s time for an upgrade again. I’m looking at an all latex mattress. I had it narrowed down to 3, but of course I keep widening my search and going back to things I ruled out for probably stupid reasons. I was briefly really against any kind of DIY option, but I figure the dummy-proof ones are probably okay. I bet I can lay a piece of foam in a bag and zip it up as well as anyone.

The options I currently have down now are, in no particular order:

  1. My Green Mattress, Hope Latex with a plush latex topper, will run me $1948.00 shipped

  2. Luma All Latex Slumber System, medium firmness 3" natural latex pillow top, will run me $1966.50 shipped

  3. Sleep on Latex Pure Green Organic Latex with a 3" soft latex topper, will run me $2012.94 shipped

  4. Nest Natural All Latex with Organic Merino wool topper (I’m really partial to merino wool), will run me $2178.20 shipped

  5. Arizona Premium DIY with 6" talalay core, 3 inch medium talalay topper, 2 inch soft talalay topper, bamboo/wool zippered mattress cover, will run me $1890.59 shipped

Am I missing any great mattresses? I need a king size, I’d like to stay under $2500 shipped, but I’m flexible if there’s a good reason. I do have to purchase a new bed base as well, but it seems like those are pretty cheap. I have cats and small children, so I will need a decent waterproof cover over anything I get, so the actual thing the mattress is cased in doesn’t matter so much as far as what it looks like, though I do prefer natural, cooling fibers. I do tend to sleep hot. Thank you in advance!


Each of the sellers you’re considering are very experienced with latex and matching their products to best meet the needs of their customers, so I’d suggest consulting with them regarding your specific choice of options. I think you’ll find that most will advise you against going with plush/soft latex as your top layer given your size since it would not provide optimal comfort or support and a medium ILD would be more suitable. Soft latex would also have much more limited durability for you. Good luck with your decision and finding your perfect mattress!

  • Bill

Thank you for the advice, I will take it for sure.

So if I switch out any soft topper options for a medium one, and probably I should strike off the My Green Mattress option from my list, as their only option has a soft layer built in, perhaps I have a better list?

You can discuss it directly with My Green Mattress since they may have further thoughts on it or offer a modified choice.