Narrowed it down, need a little help though

Hey everyone, appreciate the help in advance! I am 5 feet 11, 185. I live in South Florida and other than tempurpedic, haven’t really seen any other beds to try out in person. Would like medium to firm king size, with firm not being an issue since tempur pedic had a firm I liked.

I’m basically looking for a memory foam mattress under $1k that offers at least: 5 lb/ft memory foam high quality American made. The most important detail to me is that the mattress is proven to have long term durability with NO sagging down the line. My current mattress sags a lot after just 2 years and I’m sleeping in a dent which hurts my back.

A bonus would be a good reputable company with nice return policy based on member reviews and Phoenix. Phoenix has already been very helpful.

I do like 1. select foam 2. novosbed classic 10 inch 3. sleepwarehouse 5lb sensus coolmax (all king size) mattresses already. They seem to have quality materials and great reputation. Is the 10 inch classic going to last, though? See Dynasty has a good deal on Amazon for a 12 inch, but i question their quality and want durability with no sag down the road. Def don’t want cheap material or non American made components…but don’t want to spend a fortune either,

Would either of these two offer the 5% discount or can anyone think of a comparable company that would offer the discount? Every little bit helps with a baby on the way.

Now that you have a better idea of what I am looking for, please feel free to include other mattresses that maybe I haven’t considered yet in addition to the ones mentioned above. Thank you all so much and look forward to hearing your input!

Hi tarpon21,

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to read the post about how to select the best mattress for yourself. Phoenix has done a wonderful job explaining how to evaluate a mattress for its suitability for yourself, and understand the quality of the materials. It sounds like you may have done some of this, but in case not…

As to pricing, and seeking member feedback, you’ll need to say what size of bed?

The one thing I’ll note with memory foam is that different manufacturer memory foam can feel different, even if it’s the same density. Memory foam making is a proprietary process, with the formulation and foam making being different for each company.

I believe there is a novosbed representative that posts in the forum from time to time.

As to sag, in addition to buying high quality/durability materials (which it sounds like you are already doing), you’d want to ensure you have a suitable foundation to support the mattress. You could certainly cause premature sag with a high quality mattress on a poor / unsupportive foundation.

Hi tarpon21,

Hopefully you’ve read the tutorial post that dn linked and once you get to step 3 then the better options and possibilities in the South Florida area (assuming you are in or around Miami / Ft Lauderdale) are listed in post #2 here. I f you are close enough to Miami then one of the members here (Select Foam) has a showroom there where you can make side by side comparisons of their mattresses with the Tempurpedic line.

This mattress uses high quality memory foam (5.2 lbs) and has no obvious weak links so it would be a durable choice yes although I would also test the roughly equivalent Tempurpedic to make sure it is suitable for your needs and preferences in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, pressure relief, and Personal preferences).

I would also read post #4 here and the links it includes before you consider Dynasty (which is not made in North America).

Only the members here offer The Mattress Underground discount although it never hurts to ask. I would also treat the extra 5% as a perk rather than one of the most important factors in your purchase. Outside of Dynasty I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from any of your choices with or without any additional 5% or any bonus that they offer.

Outside of the South Florida options I linked the tutorial post that dn mentioned has a link to some of the better online memory foam sources that I’m aware of.


Thanks so much for your quick reply. I went ahead and edited my OP a tad. I also added sleep warehouse as an option which has a king for $899 free shipping. What do you know of that bed and are the components quality and American made based on your experience? Lastly, do you feel any of the three In the OP are more prone to sagging and does one stand out from the others in terms of overall quality and durability? Ty so much.

Hi tarpon21,

The Sensus memory foam is good quality 5.3 lb memory foam and the base layers are 1.8 lb polyfoam which are good quality as well (although not the highest quailty compared to some others that use a higher density polyfoam). The foams are made in the US by FXI / Foamex and are CertiPur certified. They are a component memory foam mattress which means that you can re-arrange the order of the base layers or exchange the layers to change the feel and support of the mattress.

It is similar to some of the mattresses offered by Rocky Mountain Mattress here except Rocky Mountain has a more options available in terms of the memory foam layering.

They are all good quality/value options but one of the most important parts of any online purchase is having a more detailed conversation with each retailer or manufacturer you are considering to make sure you are confident that a mattress you purchase has good odds of being a good match for you in terms of PPP (based on the averages of other people that have a similar body type and sleeping positions) and to make sure you are comfortable with the options available if your choice isn’t close enough to your ideal design.


Thank you, Phoenix for the info. Just getting in from work after a long day and finally have time to catch up on my bed research again. A few more questions if you don’t mind:

(although not the highest quailty compared to some others that use a higher density polyfoam)

Does this mean this mattress is less density polyfoam than the other two mentioned and would this mean it’s more prone to sagging? You did not mention which of the three is more prone to sagging in the long run and this is my number one factor in this process. I would prefer quality material which you say all of these are, but durability and prevention of sagging is of upmost importance. The $899 price point is more right with me, though. Think Select Warehouse will offer 5% TMU discount when I call?

Second, I’m not sure what to really ask each manufacturer when i call. I like to lie on my back and on my side and prefer a firm memory foam at 5 foot 11, 185, because of my experience with tempurpedic. I will definitely call, but don’t really know what else to say when I call. I’m not too technical on beds, just want on a long lasting, quality foam that wont sag in 3 years.

I will definitely keep the forum updated on my purchase once I receive it. I would like to order yesterday because of how bad my current mattress, but it’s not something I want to rush like you said.

Thank you Phoenix.

Hi tarpon21,

I’m not sure which specific mattress you are referring to but my comment was meant generically in reference to a 1.8 lb polyfoam base layer. It’s a good quality and durable material but there are also some manufacturers that use higher density base layers although they may also be more costly. There isn’t a way to attach a specific “number” of years to the durability of a mattress because there are too many factors involved and durability and the useful life of a mattress is relative to each person (see post #4 here). When I look at mattresses though I look for weak links that are more likely to soften and break down prematurely over time. The most important part of a mattress’ durability is in the upper 3" to 6" or so of a mattress that are compressed more and subject to wear more than the deeper layers. Higher weights and larger body types will sink down more and need more durable materials in the upper layers than lower weights. Of course durability is only one part of a successful purchase because no matter how durable a mattress may be if it’s not suitable for you in terms of PPP and you couldn’t sleep on it comfortably then it wouldn’t make any difference how durable it was so durability and suitability and price and all the other parts of your personal value equation are all important parts of a mattress purchase.

Mattress sagging isn’t as big an issue as the softening of the foam in the upper layers (with or without sagging). Foam softening leads to the loss of comfort and/or support and the need to replace a mattress and if there isn’t a visible impression (with you off the mattress) that is deeper than the warranty exclusion then foam softening and the loss of comfort and support isn’t covered by a warranty.

The good news though is that none of the mattresses you’ve mentioned have any obvious weak links or layers that are more likely to soften or break down prematurely.

I have no idea if Sleep Warehouse will give you a discount but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.

You need to tale with them just like you are doing here and tell them the criteria that are most important to you. One of the most important things is to talk with them about how well each of their mattresses you are considering may match your body type and sleeping positions and preferences in terms of PPP. If you can’t test a mattress in person then you are dependent on using their guidance and the “averages” of their customers along with any relevant information you can provide about any local testing you have done so that they can help you decide on which of their mattresses have the best odds of being suitable for you. I would also want to make sure I knew the specifics of all the layers in any mattress I was considering if it isn’t listed on their website so you can make more meaningful comparisons and identify any potential weak links (although none of them are likely to have any significant weak links). I would also want to know the specifics of their return policy or any other options they provide and the costs involved in case you make a choice that isn’t suitable for you. In other words you would want to know all the things that were the most important parts of your personal value equation.

In some cases they may also be able to suggest a Tempurpedic model or other major brand that is widely available that is similar to a mattress you are considering so you can use it as a guideline and decide if the mattress is suitable for you based on your own personal testing and experience.


Ill certainly keep you updated, thanks.

And while I’m at it, what ILD range would you say I should shoot for? 25-35 ILD typically for firm? Appreciate it!

Hi tarpon,

Assuming you mean the polyfoam base layers … I wouldn’t shoot for any particular ILD unless you have a specific reference point of a mattress that you have tested and you know works well for you (and you know the ILD of all the layers).

Each retailer will have a set of guidelines they will suggest based on your body weight and sleeping positions and they are much more familiar with the “averages” of their customers and the specifics of their designs and the combinations of foam they use than I am.

If you aren’t able to test a specific mattress in person then more detailed conversations with a retailer or manufacturer is the best way to choose the layers that have the best chance of success in terms of PPP.

As a general guideline 32 ILD would be fairly typical as a support layer. 25 ILD would be soft. If you need to sink in a little more than just the 3" of memory foam would allow then you could use a little softer as a transition layer directly under the memory foam and you can also use a firmer layer on the bottom which gives you the chance to move it up higher in the design if you need to firm up the support layers but they are the “experts” with their own designs and components and will give you much better suggestions than I can.


Hey Phoenix,

Just an update for you young buck. I went ahead and tested some mattresses today off of your advice. A salesman assisted me as I was the only one in the store. He only had one tempurpedic, the Luxe. I laid in it and immediately found it wayyy too soft. Def do not want. Tried a few other memory foam mattresses. A 10 inch firm at 4lb memory foam, which was nice, but foam was made in Italy and it just felt cheap. I do know at this point for sure I want it firm, at least 10 inch, with at least 5lb memory foam.

A couple things I do what to mention about this salesman. He made some claims you would find pretty funny Phoenix. He said any other memory foam aside from Tempurpedic is not good and it’s night and day between the two bc tempurpedic makes quality material and it’s all foam while others aren’t. He said other mattresses cut corners. He said all beds will sag, no matter what price, sooner or later. He went on to say the ILD means nothing and that all that matters is the memory foam pounds.

It wasn’t a wasted trip by any means and I plan on calling around tomorrow. Hopefully I can get a solid, firm memory foam bed soon and nothing like the Luxe. I’m leaning sleepwarehouse at this point, but the research is scarce on them. If you have any other information regarding their component, quality, or customer reviews, please feel free to share. I plan on calling them soon, too.

Phoenix, I do have a 2.5 year old mattress that I feel is defective. It sags on both sides, pillow top mattress Sealy. I think it’s a 10 year warranty. What would be my options in your opinion in trying to get a partial refund?

Thanks Phoenix and I’ll continue to keep everyone posted.

While I won’t defend the sales person, I would agree that:

  1. All beds will eventually wear out with use. And usually that means sag and/or softening leading to loss of comfort or support. Better quality material will be more durable and last longer, but that’s not to say they last forever :wink:

  2. ILD is relatively meaningless with memory foam. ILD is one measure used to describe talalay latex, and ILD/IFD (similar / identical measure) is used for polyfoam. It’s hardly a perfect standard at the best of times. (E.g. Latex from 2 different companies, with identical ild’s, can be different in how soft they are).

  3. The measure of memory foam quality is its density. 4lbs being medium (sometimes preferred for its feel), 5lbs being good, and higher being better. Past 6lbs, the durability might not improve. The density of the foam does not necessarily correlate to how it feels.

As was originally posted, start with the method to evaluate beds… Post #1.

Try not to apply theory at a distance (especially since it sounds like the sales person was giving you fairly accurate info, ignoring the ‘only tempur makes quality products’. It is true, however, that only tempur makes tempur foam… I.e. You can’t find their exact foam on other beds.)

Thanks for your input, DN. It just seemed like he was knocking on all brands except for tempur. Just through my research alone, I have seen several brands that compare with tempur, some even better. My main focus is a quality foam and the bed being firm, as you know. The cloud swallowed me today, was not impressed. I’ve learned so much already just from this site, and for that I am very thankful.

Would you happen to know anything of Thanks

Nope, I don’t really know each brand. It does sound like one of the most valuable things you learned is what you don’t like… Especially since so many websites use tempur mattresses to help describe what they are selling. It also helps you discover that simply reading what’s in a mattress (which is about durability) isn’t the same as feeling the mattress (which is about posture and comfort).

I dare say, from what I know of memory foam, it’s harder this way… Different mattresses can have widely different feels, some which you might like, or not, even though the specs on paper appear the same.

Hi tarpon21,

I think that dn has covered most of what I would also reply but to add a few comments …

Most of what he said is certainly funny including that only the tempurpedic is “all foam” when almost every memory foam mattress is all foam. I hope he wasn’t thinking that Tempurpedic is all memory foam which of course is nonsense.

As dn also mentioned … one thing that he did say that is accurate is that ILD is not a particularly meaningful spec with memory foam (see post #2 here) because the ILD of memory foam changes in response to temperature, humidity, and the amount of time the memory foam is compressed and it’s response also depends on how quickly it’s compressed. All memory foam has a relatively low and soft ILD so its really a matter of degrees of softness and the other properties of memory foam will contribute much more to how it feels and performs than it’s ILD.

Your only option would be to make a warranty claim and they will come out and measure the visible impressions in your mattress or check for any other defects that are covered in the warranty. They will usually charge you for the inspection. If the impressions are more than the warranty exclusion (usually 1.5") and there are no stains of any kind on the mattress and all the other terms of the warranty have been maintained then you would qualify for a replacement under the terms of the warranty (not a refund … partial or otherwise). If the impressions are less than the warranty exclusion then you would have to wait (normally 6 months) before you could have another inspector come out and measure the impressions and the process will repeat.

If the impressions or sagging is only “virtual” from foam softening that you can only feel when you are lying on the mattress and there are no visible impressions when you are off the mattress that are deeper than the warranty exclusion then there is no warranty coverage.