Narrowing it down

Hi David888,

I think your basic thinking and understanding about the pros and cons of various designs is good and you certainly have enough understanding to make a choice that is best for you especially when you are working with and getting good information from BB as well.

Beyond this though, I agree that you are probably crossing the line into overthinking the small details. I could probably spend a few hours finding and linking you to more and more detailed information about everything you have mentioned that went into even more detail yet but I think it would do more harm than good anyway.

In general I don’t consider a polyfoam quilting layer “in the range” of an inch or so to be a durability issue and it is there to help with surface feel and lower the surface resilience a little and help with the type of resilience / springiness / bounciness that some people don’t like as much. Even 1.5" that is quilted and pre-compressed is not an issue unless there is more soft or lower density polyfoam layers underneath it in which case the combination could easily become a weak link. You can read a little more about quilting layers in this article and in post #2 here and in post #36 here (about wool quilting).

Too little information can be an issue and generally leads to poor quality/value or “blind” choices but too much information can also lead to a focus on technical details that probably wouldn’t make a significant difference for most people and can lead to overanalysis and paralysis without the context to really know what the difference would mean in your personal experience in “real life” anyway.

You have narrowed things down to some good choices for the “right” reasons IMO and I would make your “best” choices based on which of the “tradeoffs” and which of the objective, subjective, and even intangible differences were the most important parts of your personal value equation. This is especially true when you have good options available after a purchase that you can use your personal experience to guide you and decide on any changes or “fine tuning” that may be necessary instead of “theory at a distance” which is much too difficult to “feel”.