Natural Latex Hybrid -- few questions

Hello, and thanks in advance for your help, info and advice.

I have been looking at this mattress as a possible option for my wife and I (likely two twinXLs to allow for possible later adjustable base upgrade). I have just a few questions, as most info I wanted I have found on your website, and all mainly involves the topper layer.

First, is the Talalay option (my likely choice) all natural, or a blend (and if so, what sort of blend)? This isn’t a make or break thing either way, I just want to make sure I am fairly comparing between one manufacturer and another.

Second, does the separate, unattached nature.of the topper cause any issue when using the mattress with an adjustable base? Or does the fact that the whole works is wrapped by one’s sheet and/or protector keep anything from undesired shifting.

Regarding the thickness…have you found many people who bought the 2" standard version later wishing to upgrade to 3"? I am leaning toward doing 3" from the start, but don’t know if it is a worthwhile upgrade or overkill.

And the Talalay you use here, is it the same as would be in your pillows? I only ask because I did buy one of them from you to try (quite comfy and no off smells or anything, really like it!).

Again, thanks in advance – there is a lot to learn, but I am working on it.