Natural latex mattress in Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo

Hi brynmaes,

I don’t know a lot about the local market there but there are a few manufacturers or retail stores that are likely among your better choices. Of course as with any manufacturer or store you plan to visit … I would call them first (along the lines of this article) to find out their willingness to provide you with information about the materials in their mattress and to get a general sense of what to expect if you decide to go there. The manufacturers include (and all of these may not make latex but I’ve included them for reference) … Waterloo, ON Factory direct manufacturer. Makes a line of innerspring mattresses with high quality polyfoam and natural fibers but I don’t think they make latex or memory foam. A call would find out for sure. Waterloo, ON Factory direct manufacturer. Makes their own innerspring/polyfoam mattresses and also carries Tempurpedic (memory foam) and Natura (latex). Hamilton, ON Factory direct manufacturer. They make a range of innerspring and memory foam mattresses. They also carry latex but these may be Natura and not manufactured by them. Call to check. Hamilton, ON Makes a complete range of latex, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses with good value. Kitchener, ON. Makes and sells mattresses that use high quality polyfoam and memory foam and have some good value.

Furniture & Home Décor - Bring Home To Life - IKEA CA Burlington, ON. See post #3 here for some of the better value here.

The Toronto list in post #1 here also has some manufacturers and possibilities that may be within reasonable driving distance as well.

Some local retail outlets (from a quick scan and a couple of conversations) that may have some latex possibilities and the brands they carry that I would focus on (again making sure you call first to find out their ability and willingness to tell you all the layers and to get a general sense of their knowledge and service) include … Burlington, ON Retail direct for Dreamstar. Have some latex hybrid mattresses (and other styles as well) on their floor and can also custom order. Cambridge, ON. Dreameasy (see this post and make sure you receive the correct mattress). Kitchener, ON. Galaxy Bedding. Kitchener, ON. Dreamstar, Dreameasy Kitchener, ON. Several local manufacturers. Guelph, ON. Dreamstar Hamilton, St Catharines, Niagara Falls, ON. Galaxy, Springwall

Time permitting I’ll look a little further to see if there are any other latex choices more local to you but these should give you a starting point at least.