Natural Matresses in Atlanta Area

Hi Derek,

I think that most people would include latex as one of their options if they were looking for a natural mattress (see post #2 here) but I would first define the materials that you would consider. There is also a difference between natural, organic, green, and safe so I would also make sure you are clear on what you were looking for and why because it can be easy to make a choice for “natural” when what you are really looking for is “safe”.

As one example … steel is not “natural” because it has to be fabricated and is an iron alloy and some people don’t consider it to be “safe” because of the electromagnetic fields it can propagate.

In other words … each person may have a different answer to “how natural is natural enough for me” or “how safe is safe enough for me”.

I’m not clear on why you would think this? Because of the properties of latex … some people would consider it to be ideal for combination sleepers in the right combination of layers.

The better options and possibilities in the Atlanta area I’m aware of are listed in post #2 here.

If you really are looking only at natural fibers and innerspring combinations … then some of the manufacturers that make these are listed in post #4 here and you may have to look on their sites or call them to see if any of them are available in the Atlanta area.