Natural Matresses in Atlanta Area


Trying to locate a store that sells mattresses using natural materials versus synthetic. I’ve looked through the Atlanta posts which gives plenty of options but I haven’t seen any of the local manufacturers or stores carry a natural made innerspring mattress. I have seen latex mattresses offered locally but being a side and stomach sleeper that may not be the best fit for me. Seen several articles with online retailers like which seem to have very nice products but I would like to find something local if possible to not only test but for delivery and disposal of my old mattress. If anybody knows of any local retailers or manufacturers in the Atlanta area it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Hi Derek,

I think that most people would include latex as one of their options if they were looking for a natural mattress (see post #2 here) but I would first define the materials that you would consider. There is also a difference between natural, organic, green, and safe so I would also make sure you are clear on what you were looking for and why because it can be easy to make a choice for “natural” when what you are really looking for is “safe”.

As one example … steel is not “natural” because it has to be fabricated and is an iron alloy and some people don’t consider it to be “safe” because of the electromagnetic fields it can propagate.

In other words … each person may have a different answer to “how natural is natural enough for me” or “how safe is safe enough for me”.

I’m not clear on why you would think this? Because of the properties of latex … some people would consider it to be ideal for combination sleepers in the right combination of layers.

The better options and possibilities in the Atlanta area I’m aware of are listed in post #2 here.

If you really are looking only at natural fibers and innerspring combinations … then some of the manufacturers that make these are listed in post #4 here and you may have to look on their sites or call them to see if any of them are available in the Atlanta area.


Thanks for the reply Phoenix. I should have been more specific. I’m looking for natural\healthy as in chemical free that is low or no VOC’s which supports a combo sleeper like myself. The gotcha for me is to find something that is not only as healthy as possible but doesn’t break the budget which is $1,000 or less for a King. I realize for my budget I don’t have alot to choose from but if it can last for 2-3 years without the aches and pains I go through with my current mattress and gives me piece of mind that I’m not breathing in all of these chemicals then it will be a good fit for me. I have horrible allergies and wondering if my mattress contributes to that. I’ve read the horror stories on this forum of some of the foam beds smells\gases and some of the chemicals that go into a regular inner spring mattress for gluing and fire proofing. I did look at your posts which are very thorough and they really got me thinking that this mattress shopping is a real science where you need to factor in how you sleep, how its built, and the tricks of the trade when it comes to mattresses where the big sales and the big name brands may not be giving me the most bang for the buck. I did call around from your Atlanta list of local manufacturers and retailers before posting on the board here and the pricing for the latex beds are way over my budget or else I would be definitely including latex. I was sold on your members that had one (pure echo king for $649) that fit my budget but I would be buying sight unseen without testing it then I would have to find a way to dispose of my old mattress. I figured that the healthy inner spring design would be the direction to go in to find something that would fit my budget and if I can find a local provider then I can try it out and arrange for delivery and disposal of my old mattress.

Hi Derek,

Again … you may need to first define “how safe is safe enough for you” or “how natural is natural enough for you”. Each person may have a very different definition of what they consider to be safe or the level of VOC’s which they consider acceptable (or which testing protocol they decide is “safe enough”). There are no absolute answers to any of this. For example I personally wouldn’t hesitate to use blended talalay latex which is Oeko Tex certified to the same standards as 100% natural Talalay (standard 100 class 1 "safe for babies) but since it is a blend of natural and synthetic latex (70% synthetic / 30% natural) it may not be “natural enough” for someone else who wants natural for it’s own sake regardless of any difference in VOC’s that would come from a natural product and in spite of the 100% natural being less durable in lower ILD’s.

Without some type of foam … you are very limited in the materials you can use in a mattress and fibers tend to compress over time and become firmer which may not always be ideal for side sleepers. In terms of budget … a latex/innerspring hybrid may be the lowest cost version of a “natural” mattress you are looking at and most would be over your budget. A latex/polyfoam hybrid could also be in your budger but then you would need to decide if it was acceptable to you to have polyfoam in your mattress as a base layer even if it was CertiPur certified for VOC’s. Also with a very few exceptions … innerspring/natural fiber mattresses are also quite costly and would be over your budget. About the only one I know of in your budget range is the MyGreenMattress Pure Echo you mentioned. I don’t think you would find anything similar locally.

Your combination of criteria and budget will make it very difficult to find something that “fits” your personal value equation.


Excellent info. I don’t think I can have a detailed wishlist based upon my budget. I realize my budget limits what I can do and the budget outweighs the wishlist of how natural I would like it to be so I am flexible with my natural options. Find the best solution that takes into account my combo sleeping pattern with as natural or healthiest components at that price point. I’ll need to see if there is a local provider for a blended talalay latex which is Oeko certified or a latex inner spring hybrid within my budget… Any recommendations of retailers or local manufacturers that your aware of in the Atlanta area (post 2 or 4) that might offer these possible solutions so I can see if anybody can fit my budget? I’ll contact the and see if they have a white glove option for delivery and pickup of the old mattress. Maybe they have an option like that. At the end of the day I’ll have to find a solution that is under $1,000 that is the healthiest possible solution in that price point that accommodates my combo sleep pattern. I wonder if I need to factor in pillows too that accommodates my sleep pattern also? With this info I think I’m in a much better position now with finding a good solution for the budget versus how I’ve always purchased mattresses in the past is buying the best deal you see on special at your local retail stores? I never knew about Certipur or Oeko certification and I’ve never taken into account my sleep pattern. I would just go out for the best sales on a name brand mattress, lay on the mattress and see if its comfortable, what the warranty is and I would buy it. If it turns out I’m uncomfortable after a while I live with it and go oh well better luck on the next purchase never understanding that there is a science behind buying a mattress. At least I’ll make an informed purchase this time based upon my sleeping pattern and the components that go into the mattress with the excellent info you provided on this forum which makes me feel good about going out there this time. May not be my optimum choice but that is the limitation of my budget.

Hi Derek,

If you are comfortable including “certified” materials or foams in your choices … then your choices become much wider.

I would follow the steps and guidelines listed in post #1 here.

There are some people who are sensitive to some types of foam even when they have been certified and if you are in this group I would tend to eliminate memory foam first, followed by polyfoam and only eliminate latex if there was clear evidence that you needed to.

If you have questions along the way … don’t hesitate to post them here but it’s good to see your whishlist is more in line with your budget :slight_smile: