Need guidance on hybrid topper selection

My wife(5’8”, 150, stomach/combo sleeper) and I(6’0”,190, side/back sleeper) recently purchased an avacado green mattress. Did so based on a sleep to live test that said we would prefer medium firm and also based on the excel reviews the Avacado Green mattress received. We were a little worried about firmness, so we went ahead and got the topper. It is Dunlop 65/14-19 ILD. I haven’t slept well in 2 weeks and my wife is keeping only slightly better. Being a side sleeper I can only stay on a side for couple hours before shoulder discomfort set in. Feels like I’m pressing all the way through to the Coil layer. The topper is soft, but I wonder if it is too soft or maybe more importantly, too thin? My wife likes sleeping on her stomach but also finds it uncomfortable, so we are 0 for 2. We are wanting to move to something different but honestly I can’t say I know how to determine what. Two mattresses I have focused on based on readings here are the Luma Hybrid Sleep System and the Nest Alexander hybrid. Both pretty similar except for the makeup of the topper. Was also looking at Charles P Rodgers Lifetime Estate 3, but they do not provide as much clarity on materials used. Looking at medium for both based on general online test about body type and sleeping preferences. Any help and guidance apprecited

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According to Avocado Green’s site, your current plush Topper is of a 2" Dunlop latex construction. Going to quote Phoenix here from a previous post, as it is of interest here,Finding the right topper, post #4: When you use a topper over a mattress two things happen. First, it will compress and in combination with the layers below it will take on the shape of your body profile. Softer toppers will compress more than firmer toppers. This “cradle” formed by the upper layers re-distributes weight away from the pressure points of the body. The second is it will “bend” into any softer foam below it. This “bending” will happen more if the topper is firmer than the layers below it (what I call a dominating layer) because the lower layers will compress more than the upper layers and the topper will “bend” into the compression (or any dips or soft spots) of the foam below it. This means that the surface of the mattress will be slightly less conforming and feel firmer (less pressure relieving) and you will have a more “on the mattress” feel than if you were sinking into a softer topper even though the next layer down is still compressing.

Just curious, have you tried the feel of the Avocado Green without the plush topper? Also, I read on their site that mattress toppers are also covered by a 1-year sleep trial, you would want to check with them regarding specifics on a comfort exchange for another firmness should you want to go that route instead.

Good to hear that you’re considering trusted members Luma Sleep and Nest Bedding. As you said, both mattresses are similar in construction, each using 8" Quantum Edge pocketed support coils and base foam support. The topper difference is in component use, Luma Sleep’s comfort layer of latex vs Nest Bedding’s comfort layer of memory foam. Luma Hybrid’s top layer is a 3" Dunlop latex, with an option to upgrade to Talalay, while Nest’s Alexander Hybrid features a 4" gel-infused memory foam layer, a phase-change technology for “sleeping cooler”. Your current Avocado mattress uses dunlop latex; have you also experienced sleeping on memory foam? If not, is there a local mattress manufacturer available where you could compare them both in a site visit sleep trial? Looking forward to hearing more about your research.


Continued to do research and have ordered the Luma Hyrbid Sleep System. Went this route because it offered thicker topper with more range of ILD options. I think the AG topper was simply too thin and being 14-19, I was simply pushing through to the coil layer. With our LUMa purchase we chose medium(28)Talalay and plush(23) Talalay. We were able to split since we are buying a king. These numbers also jived with theirs and others “comfort test”. We will have the mattress Saturday and will be able to have a real direct comparison to the AG mattress.

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Congrats on your new Luma Hybrid Sleep System :cheer: ! Hope the thicker topper works better for your sleeping preferences, Team Luma has deep understanding of helping consumers make sound sleep choices. Also, appreciate your support of TMU’strusted member program and looking forward to hearing your thoughts/ comparisons post- sleep trial period. Wishing you both better sleep…


Thanks buzzforb for your order and support of Luma Sleep!
Sweet dreams are on the way!
Team Luma

Out of the box, very impressed with the Luma mattress. Very well boxed and very well constructed. Initial feel is wonderful and imo a significant step up over the Avacado. Still deciding preference between plush Talalay and Medium Talalay. Both have their positives. While we did not stay with Avacado, I do want to say that they were excellent to work with and have no complaints whatsoever on the customer service department.

Looking forward to your report!