Need help narrowing down my choices

Hi GrizzlyMan,

Here are the steps I would take to help you narrow down your choices (besides the steps listed in the tutorial post here).

First I would decide whether you prefer memory foam or latex so you can eliminate one or the other.

Next I would make sure you have all the specific information about every layer in each mattress you are considering so you can eliminate any weak links in any of the mattresses. For memory foam you can see the criteria I use in post #10 here. This would also eliminate any options that used less than about 4 lb memory foam or better in their mattresses (unless cost alone is the only issue in which case you would be trading durability for price).

Post #6 here talks more about some of the possible risks when you are considering a mattress that comes from Asia.

Post #2 here and post #5 here and post #4 here and post #2 here would also be well worth reading to help you narrow down your choices along with forum searches on each of the manufacturers you’ve listed (make sure you set the search time frame to “any date”).

Once you’ve narrowed down your options a little more to choices that are all between “good and good” then your final choice will be much simpler.