Need specs for Stearns and Foster Ava Rose hybrid mattress

Hi Phoenix, and thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

I did not initially see your link to the Pure Latex Bliss specs (I see it now) so I emailed them to ask them about that and what was meant by the term “bonded foam.” I asked for ILDs for the layers of latex in the Nature and Beautiful and I may have asked about the Mezzanine as well (even though it is a hybrid). I received a reply today from Pure Latex Bliss about the ILD ratings and it stated: “Thank you for your inquiry, but our beds are not built to an ILD rating, they are built to a PLUSHNESS level, which you will find on our website. The Beautiful mattress is a very plus mattress and the Nature is a medium plushness in the scale of offerings. The Mezzanine is a hybrid and an altogether different feel. The best method for finding what speaks to you personally is to ³test drive² them. Purchasing our beds is a very personal experience and finding the right bed for you requires time on the beds themselves.”

Anyway I now see your post about the Pure Latex Bliss ILD ratings, although I am not certain why Pure Latex Bliss did not provide that information to me. As for the term “bonded foam,” they stated it was “95% Poly and 5% Talalay Latex.” Thank you for providing the ILD specs for PLB.

At this point due to not being able to try many latex beds, I am still thinking I want an affordable memory foam mattress. This might change but for now I am thinking memory foam.

I have been busy doing more shopping. I went to a store today that sells MLily memory foam beds. When I got home, I found a post you made about MLily here.

So the ones I was considering do have bamboo charcoal in them. They are Certi-Pur. They definitely feel a lot different from a Tempurpedic Rhapsody Luxe but they are also a lot cheaper. The memory foam (but from what you stated the “actual” firmness of the memory foam may be altered by the fillers they use) on the models I was most interested in is:


0.5 inches of bamboo infused memory foam quilted into the cover
2.0 inches of M48 “high density” memory foam (quotes are mine; as far as I can ascertain from googling, M48 appears to possibly be 4.8 pounds. Did not find this on their website but from somewhere on google.) (If it is 4.8 lbs, is it possible that the actual foam itself may be less dense since their foam contains things like bamboo charcoal?)
3.0 inches of M36 memory foam (I think this is 3.6 pound foam but again, not certain)
7.5 inches of higher resiliency base foam

They talk about a “semi-open cell structure” with their memory foam. Info on their website.


1.0 inches of bamboo infused memory foam quilted into the silk blended cover
1.5 inches of GelCore gel-infused, maxiumum cool high density memory foam (do not know how dense this is)
2.5 inches of M48 high density memory foam (I think this is 4.8 pounds but again that is a best guess on my part)
2.0 inches of UltraCore HD premium high density rebound memory foam
8.0 inches of higher resiliency base foam

It is not possible to tell from these descriptions what the exact foam densities are. I do not know if any of them are “high density” like 5.3 pound or 7.1 pound. The retailer did not know and I do not see it on the MLily website.

The third bed I considered was:

Vitality: This was the firmest bed and it may not have enough memory foam? (3" I think not including the cover)

1.0 inch of bamboo infused, heat dissipating memory foam quilted into the cover
3.0 inches of M36 (this may be 3.6 pounds from googling; not sure) memory foam featuring naturally renewable plant based oils
7.0 inches of higher resliency base foam

Perhaps you know more about these specs than I do? I will try to find more information.

Thank you for the list of memory foam retailers that you put together here. I will make some calls and report back. For starters, I spoke with Rocky Mountain Mattress about their Rendezvous bed. It contains 4" of 5 lb memory foam. They were great to talk with. I forgot to ask about the densities of the other foam layers. This is the bed they recommended after talking with me. However, a few possible setbacks are: 1. the price is more than I want to pay; 2. I have no one to help me set up the bed so I would probably have to order the White Glove service for an additional $300 as the bed weighs 123 pounds and does not come in layers but as one piece. We also discussed a latex bed option. I also spoke with sleepez: they sell one memory foam bed: 3" of 5.5 lb Sensus memory foam over 6" “HR” which I assume is the core. It seems their main specialty is latex mattresses.

I am interested in any memory foam beds/retailers that can reproduce the feel of certain Tempurpedic mattresses. I was initially interested in Select Foam, but it seems I have read more negative than positive reports of them here, and they have a BBB rating of F with 18 complaints (according to the BBB website today), with 14 of them being about the product/service, so I am not sure about them.

I would love to find someone who sells a variety of high-density memory foam beds at reasonable prices with a good return policy. (Foam weights of 7.1 lb and 5.3 lb to match Tempurpedic). For now I am not looking for my “forever bed” but just a reasonably priced comfy bed until I can afford a forever bed. :slight_smile: I will continue to go through the list you provided.

Thank you and I will continue looking and researching. Feeling overwhelmed! But very glad to have this site as a resource.:slight_smile: