needed to buy a mattress yesterday PLEASE HELP!!

Hi asaso,

The most common reason for back pain on a mattress is that the comfort layers are too thick or soft so that your pelvis sinks down too deeply which tilts the pelvis and and puts the spine out of alignment. This would generally indicate the need for a mattress that had thinner or firmer comfort layers so that your pelvis doesn’t sink down quite as far. The Healthy Back Elegance is one of the softest in their latex lineu and the softest mattresses can be the most “risky” in terms of alignment even though they are great for pressure relief.

Post #2 here and post #2 here and post #6 here include more information about some of the many things that can lead to the more common “symptoms” on a mattress but each person is unique in terms of body type, sleeping positions, physiology, health conditions, preferences, and individual sensitivity to different designs so there is no “theory” than can predict the exact layering or design that will be most suitable for each person that can possibly be more accurate than your own personal testing and experience.

There is also a list of some of the forum posts that talk about the different symptoms that people may experience with a new mattress and possible solutions in post #2 here but these are more “theoretical” and your own testing can avoid the need to base your choices on theory at a distance which is generally not as effective except as a very general guideline.

The first step with resolving any issues with a mattress would be a conversation with the retailer or manufacturer where you purchased it so that they can help you with any return or exchange options that may be available to you but your “symptoms” may also be connected to the normal adjustment period that can go with any new sleeping surface. If you start to see improvement in a few days then it may be worth sleeping on the mattress for longer to see how things progress otherwise you may need to test other mattresses (as carefully and objectively as possible using the testing guidelines in post #1 here) to find one that may be more suitable for your specific needs and preferences.

Some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the San Diego area are listed in post #2 here but your own personal testing is really the only way to know which mattress is the most suitable for you in terms of PPP because regardless of which types of materials or components they use (which are a preference) it’s always how well a specific design matches your needs and preferences that is more important than the specific materials and components that are in the mattress. Any type of mattress (such as all latex, innersprings, memory foam, or any other combination of materials and components) can have a design that either doesn’t work for you at all or a design that is a great match for your specific needs and preferences.

If your preferences are a mattress that uses an innerspring as a support core then a few phone calls to some of the retailers or manufacturers on the list will give you some places to test their mattresses. I don’t keep a list of the specific models or mattress designs at each manufacturer or retailer and again … there is no single type of mattress that is inherently “better” than another.