New Foundation

I have my new pocketed coil/latex mattress arriving next week after many years of using foam only mattresses. I am wondering if I should consider changing out my foundation to go with it though. I am attaching a picture of my current foundation, the slats are spaced 3 inches apart but they do flex a bit. It’s never been an issue with my all foam models but wondering if I should consider something else with a pocketed coil mattress. Here are the two I am looking at:

I really like the metal/wood one as assembly looks a whole lot easier but wondering your thoughts? Given the one I have now do I really need to even make a change?

Hi landale1,

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Congratulations on your new mattress! :cheer:

This questions has popped up a bit lately as more pocketed coil component-style mattresses are being made available online and more easily shipped compressed.

The first place to check would be with your manufacturer and abide with their specifications, not only to make sure that your mattress is properly supported, but also to comply with your warranty requirements.

As a general guideline, mattresses with a firmer polyfoam core do best with 5" or less between slats. All-latex mattresses do best with 3" or less between slats. If your pocketed spring mattress uses a firmer polyfoam base piece under the pocketed spring unit, you may be able to get by with closer to the 5" between slats, in which case your current set up (provided your slats are still in good shape and don’t sag too far under the weight of the mattress) should be fine.

If your new pocketed spring mattress uses only fabric under the spring unit, you may wish to defer to a smaller gap between slats. Some manufacturers recommend gaps of 1.5" – 2" between slats for their beds using pocketed spring units. If you had a concerns with your current base, you could place a 1" coir bed rug over your slats and this would provide a better surface for your mattress and still allow for breathability.

In either situation, I don’t necessarily see a need to change your bed set, and at the very least perhaps you’d want to modify it slightly with the addition of a bed rug. But be sure to confirm with the manufacturer.


Thanks for the response. The mattress I purchased doesn’t have an added foam layer under the coils. I did contact the manufacturer who responded shortly after I posted here. They mentioned putting a board down over my current foundation. I imagine the rug you mentioned would give a similar effect. I looked around at those rugs and they are quite pricey, about 50% more than the foundations I mentioned. Not sure if there is someone that sells them for closer to $100 for a queen sized?

Hi landale1,

You certainly could put down a plywood deck if you desired, and then I would suggest something like a thicker blanket or similar material on top of that deck (to help prevent splinters and also to help a bit with air circulation).

Regarding the pricing on coir bed rugs, I don’t keep track of such things, but perhaps there are other members here on the forum who may have had an experience purchasing such an item recently who can help provide some guidance.