Newbie Q Looking for Low Budget Friendly Mattress

Hi Cheapsk8,

I think the first thing I would suggest is to read post #1 here which along with the information it links to can greatly increase your odds of finding the most suitable mattress with the best possible quality/value in your budget range.

As you will see I put a lot of emphasis on where you buy even more in the beginning than what you buy. The “worst” mattresses at some of the better manufacturers or sleep shops will be better value than the “best” mattresses at some of the mainstream outlets although quality and value have little to do with how suitable a mattress may be in matching your needs and preferences (which is why personal testing is so important).

I’m guessing (from your comments about Jordans) that you are in the Boston area but you will find some links to some of the lists around your area in post #5 here. there are also links to feedback about many of the manufacturers mentioned in the lists in post #2 here. If this doesn’t include a list in your area … then if you let me know your city or zip I 'd be happy to point you towards some of the better options in your area I’m aware of.

Jordans is better quality/value than most mainstream options but they are not in the same quality/value range as many other smaller manufacturers IMO. 1.6 lb polyfoam for example is not the quality of base material I would be looking for in your budget range (more like a minimum of 1.8 lbs).

I suspect you have some great quality and value choices available to you.

Hope this gives you some initial direction to help cut through any information overload (by connecting with experts instead of feeling like you need to become one yourself) and if you have more questions or if I guessed wrong about your area … let me know.