Non synthetic mattress topper to increase softness?

I have a hybrid mattress that’s latex on top - a bit too firm for me maybe.

Thinking of getting a topper. Prefer non synthetic.

Do feather/down toppers really make the mattress softer- I imagine they’d get packed down really easily, so they wouldn’t stay soft for long.

What about a wool topper - I don’t think of wool as any softer than latex, so not sure this would work.

Any other material suggestions for a mattress topper?

Hi albertmills.

Are you opposed to considering a softer latex topper to add to your mattress?

To take some words from Phoenix…Natural fibers like wool though won’t be as soft as softer foams and will compress about 30% over time (this is a natural process with fibers and not a defect) which creates a tendency to become firmer over time rather than become softer like foam layers. At first the compression may result in impressions but by sleeping on different parts of the topper over time it can even out the compression of the wool (see post #3 here). Overall and in the right circumstances they can make a very good choice and some people prefer to sleep on a thicker wool topper vs any other material. There is more about wool toppers in posts #3 and #6 here and there is also a list of good wool topper and mattress pad choices and sources in post #3 here and the links to other posts with other options. Most of them were very helpful and informative when I talked with them on the phone.

A topper with silk batting (such as the smart silk here) is another natural fiber which may be well worth considering for those who are looking for a natural fiber topper.

A down/feather topper or featherbed or a fiberbed is more “fluffy” than resilient and while it can provide some degree of localized pressure relief under pressure points … it is much less resilient than a foam topper and won’t redistribute your body weight as effectively or provide the same degree of pressure relief as a foam topper. It will also pack down and compress more, requires more maintenance and regular “fluffing”, and with your weight it also won’t be as durable as a good quality foam topper. There is a little more information about featherbeds and “down alternative” fiberbeds in post #10 here and in post #6 here and in this topic about featherbeds.

There is also more about the different types of softness in post #15 here but a featherbed or fiberbed is more of a “feel” product than a “pressure relief” product and unless you are just looking for a little localized pressure relief under pressure points or a different “feel” for your sleeping system they probably wouldn’t be your best choice.

I hope some of the above information proves useful to you.