Non-zoned Bolsa Hybrid Mattress with Talalay and Zippered Cover

On my second mattress search within the past 5 years, and despite my hours and hours of research I feel a bit stuck. My husband and I are both combo sleepers, more often side than back. Our BMIs are both in the 30-35 range and we are actively losing weight. He is 5’2 (180 lbs) and I am 5’9 (215 lbs). We want to feel hugged by the mattress, not floating on top.

We are shopping for two Twin XLs and have just purchased two adjustable bases (Malouf S750). Based on what we experienced at a local organic mattress shop, here’s what I’m looking for:

Twin XL Hybrid Mattress

  • Preferably non-zoned, bolsa coils with edge support
  • At least 3" of Talalay Latex in comfort layer (19-22 ILD)
  • Cotton and wool zippered cover
  • Total height under 15"
  • A manufacturing to shipping time that is preferably 5 days or less
  • A simple return period and process

To my utter dismay, I cannot seem to find these simple-ish requests in one manufacturer.

  • Arizona can’t do the Eco Sleep with Bolsa in a Twin XL
  • Brooklyn’s Bloom Hybrid doesn’t have a zippered cover, which I’d like because latex adjustments are possible - even future replacements/updates to the comfort layer
  • Flexus Quadra Flex is the Combi-zone coils
  • My local shop charges a premium and only has the zoned coils
  • Helix’s Birch mattress and topper comes unbelievably close if they would only offer different firmnesses in their Talalay comfort layer. BAH!
  • Mattress Makers Soledad Plush meets all requirements but no returns, comfort exchange only
  • Savvy Rest Serenity Spring is pricey, no returns, comfort exchange only

What we’ve tried so far:
Initially I went with Luma’s Hybrid Sleep System, impressed with their customer service and easy topper exchange. Tomas and the team have been great! But after sleeping on the mattress with a medium (28 ILD), plush (24 ILD) and super plush (14 ILD) topper, it is still too firm. My theory is that the zoned coils and transition foam aren’t quite enough for us. Note, the Luma bed is tolerable for us and doesn’t cause additional pain, but isn’t quite love.

Secondly, since we liked the feel of the Beautyrest Black L-Class Plush Pillowtop in store, I thought trying a memory foam hybrid mattress with a lot of positive reviews, the Nest Alexander Hybrid Medium might be close. It’s a definite no, as it increases pain for both of us! I’m not sure why honestly - it feels okay at first and then, way too firm.

I’m stuck and will take any help/advice or additions to consider!

My “considering list” has the following, but none of them meet my requirements above:

Memory foam hybrids:
Brentwood Oceano
Winkbeds Softer
Helix Luxe Sunset

Latex Hybrids:
Bloom Hybrid
Quadra Flex Hybrid
Soledad Plush

What about the Nest Latex Hybrid in soft? It has a zippered top.

Nest uses Dunlop, not Talalay. I asked and they don’t plan to consider Talalay.

Hi Arod33,

Thanks for reaching out to Luma Sleep via The Mattress Underground. We appreciate your support and recognize that you have not found the ideal system to produce a mattress you love at this point. We will continue to strive to assist you with your options as you evaluate other products. However, we do not think that it would be appropriate to comment on the competitive list of products you cite. We will ask Sensei or Phoenix to move this post to the general listing for others to assist you with information about the other companies/products.
To provide additional context, we did not recommend the Bolsa coil system for your needs based on the high BMI levels involved. The Bolsa system has 15.5 gauge pocketed coils which we have found to not work well with customers that have BMI levels higher than 30. If the combi-zone is too firm and the Bolsa will be too soft, you may need to seek a latex hybrid mattress system that uses a different pocketed coil array or consider an all latex base mattress that provides both proper support and comfort.
Sweet dreams,

Team Luma

I’m not asking for an all latex bed, we’ve laid on those.

Bolsa seems to be fine for us as mainly side sleepers, laid on that too…not to mention us losing weight, another reason too firm now is a bad idea. I don’t remember BMI being mentioned this strongly as a factor in our phone conversations either, not sure why it’s being brought up now.

I don’t care what could the coils are as long as they’re not zoned or pushing my lumbar area so much I can’t set my base to flat.

Hello arod33,
We did not think you were looking for an all latex mattress system. We were simply outlining some alternative options to consider to meet your unique needs. We hope you can find a mattress system you love.

Team Luma

I really enjoyed reading your post as our search sounds somewhat similar to yours. We would love to know where you landed with a mattress and what experience you’ve gained since this post!

Glad to know it was helpful! We ended up with the Bloom Hybrid in Medium after laying on it at a great shop in Asheville, NC. After it got broken in a bit it was pretty comfortable! I did try it with the (Helix) Birch topper but it didn’t seem to add anything to the comfort level.

But honestly, I wish I had done the Brentwood Oceana because of the brand quality and return period. My back injuries are so finicky, I’m still not sure we landed in the right place. However, my husband loves the Bloom.

Happy to answer any other specifics you might have!

If anyone finds their way back to this post, I have to say that after a year on the mattress, I’m thoroughly disappointed. My back pain is back, and worse. I don’t know if I would even shop latex again. I’m not sure what the answer is, nor do I have or want to spend the money to replace this one. We’re going back to mattress toppers to hopefully help the situation, but I would encourage anyone with significant pain to go with a company that offers the 365 day or more return period.

[ul]My main issues with my current experience:
[li]The mattress never felt the same at home as it did in the store[/li]
[li]Buying 2 twin XLs meant the mattresses never matched in feel/firmness[/li]
[li]Adding a cover and sheets to the mattress, especially when using a topper meant that the bed felt COMPLETELY different than without said sheets - I have no clue how to get around this phenomenon[/li]