Pillow Help

So I have made my decision on a new bed and mattress. The final piece is finding new pillows.

I am sleeping on a…hell maybe 20+ year old poly fill pillow. It is nice and thin and I have been happy with it but it is time to replace it. In the time I have had this pillow I have tried ~10 other pillows and always go back to my tried and true pillow.

I am thinking that a low loft low density (plus) latex pillow maybe my best choice. At the very least it is an option that I have not tried yet.

Any recommendations on the best place to purchase a pillow? I would prefer local in Atlanta and someplace I can at least exchange a pillow if I do not like it but I am not having much luck.

I was thinking something like the below mattress from Amazon would be a good choice to try but would like feedback on this type of pillow and pricing.

Hi AMG_Roadster,

There are a few basic “needs” for a pillow based on body type and sleeping positions so that your head and neck is in good alighment when you are sleeping but beyond that a pillow choice is much more subjective than a mattress choice because of the sensitivity of our face to the more subjective properties of a pillow.

There are some good resources and information including some good sources linked in the pillow thread here which you may find useful.

I happen to own the Queen Malouf soft high loft zoned pillow which I purchased on sale and couldn’t resist the price and I like it a lot. It works well for me but I also know that some people don’t like the “feel” of a solid latex pillow which some people describe as being like sleeping on a balloon. Latex pillows “assists” free movement which is one of the things I like about them but others including my DH prefer a pillow that cradles their head more and is less resilient and more “motion restricting”.


I did a bit more searching last night for latex pillows and ended up placing an order at Costco. With their return policy if I am not happy it is an easy return.

It was tough but I resisted the fact that the Iron Man Latex Pillow will make me stronger, faster, smarter, and better looking…at least according to their advertising. It is amazing what people can get away with in the US.

They had another 100% Natural Latex Pillow I ordered. It at least gives me a risk free pillow to see if Latex meets what I am looking for. There are very few specs on the pillow but it sounds like a plush pillow.

Hi AMG_Roadster,

Once you get the pillow it would be great to let us know how you like it and add your experience to the pillow thread for others who may be looking.