Poor experience with SelectFoam

Hi AdamL,

I’m glad to see that your issue has been resolved and sometimes the left hand at FedEX doesn’t know what the right hand is doing … although of course your issues still took longer to resolve than they should have.


You say select foam uses good materials. That may be true. You are quite knowledgeable about all things mattress related. How can you back a company that acts like this though? [/quote]

They are a member of this site because they have some great quality/value mattresses and there aren’t nearly enough good quality/value mattress choices in the industry relative to the majority of larger manufacturers that dominate the industry.

The large majority of their customers are happy with their purchase and these types of issues only affect a small percentage of their customers. While I don’t believe there is any risk of loss and to my knowledge all the legitimate issues that their customers have had have all been resolved in the end … I agree with you that they need to improve their customer service for the minority that have issues such as yours after a purchase which is why I added this link as a caution to their description in the two online lists here and here in the mattress shopping tutorial which include them which the members here would be referring to so that any potential customers can take the potential of these types of issues and any additional risk into account when they make their purchase decision. NOTE ADDED: Because of ongoing customer service issues and delays Select Foam’s membership has been terminated and I would read the warning here before considering them.